Home Sweet Home: Brass Details

Regardless of where you are in a small study apartment or a two story home, the smallest of decor details can make all the difference. Currently, we are obsessed with everything brass. From tables ro knick- knacks and even lighting and desktop accents, the unique brass shade offers a touch of character to any room when you want to incorporate a subtle gold without the shine.

Similar to gold, brass also works with a number of textures and materials. We love the rustic look when brass is paired with wood, while keeping your decor crisp and white really allows the brass to stand out. We are totally crushing on brass paired with navy blue, greys and taupe accents around your home, but the options are endless.

If you are just looking to add a subtle touch to your home, get creating and spray paint a knick- knack or accent table with the brass colour. We love this brand here.

See more brass details below and get inspired!

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