How to do Beauty on a Budget

How to do Beauty on a Budget


If the start of the year has seen you take a closer look at your finances, you may have decided to spend less on beauty products. I can’t say that I am holding back on purchasing beauty products, but I most definitely have been thinking hard about what I really feel like I need and where I can splurge vs. save. Of course we all want radiant skin, fabulous hair and new clothes, so it’s important to prioritize and come up with a plan that can work for your budget.


Look at your skin and hair and decide if you need better nutrition to benefit both the way you feel and look. One of the biggest providers in not looking or feeling your best is because of poor diet or lack of sleep. For me lately, it’s been a lack of sleep, so before picking up an underage cream, I’ve been trying to get enough sleep each night to see if that will do the trick! It’s vital to get sufficient rest, drink enough water during the day and make some nutritional changes to aid your body and skin looking and feeling healthier. After all, these changes cost next to nothing and have long-term effects! 

Opt for a hair salon that offers training so you can get an inexpensive new hair style. Cosmetology schools also offer less expensive services than reputable salons. Choose before you go on what kind of new look you want and chat about it with the tutors who will be best able to work with you. The services are cheaper and you won’t have any high end extras, but you will get a new hair cut, color or style for less. Also, when it’s a training school, the teachers are right there to guide, so you really are getting double the help!


Take a look at, makeup displays for present trends in color and styles, or research Womens Life Link. Try an eyeshadow from a less expensive brand that equals the higher brand’s color or is close to it. Do the same for other products like blush, eyeliner and nail polish, just be sure to do your research and pick a less expensive brand but one that isn’t going to negatively affect your skin or hair. You definitely don’t need a breakout because you used a cheap and unhealthy foundation! 

Visit the discount store for beauty supplies. This is actually something I do often, since many of the discount chains sell the same brands in beauty care and makeup items that the more pricey drug store or chain stores sell, but for less. You can also find cheaper treatments that get the same job done. They may not have a salon name, but some can be equally as good, if not better. Just again, do your research and read the labels  to make sure there are no harmful ingredients. 


Check your teeth and use a store bought whitener. I drink coffee, but I am always onto of my teeth to make sure they don’t get dull and stained from the coffee. Going to the dentist can really stack up and aside from the necessary appointments, opt for an at-home teeth whitener so you get the job done between appointments. I personally love to apply a teeth whitener while I apply makeup in the morning or a face mask at night! 

Even though you may have tightened your purse strings, that does not mean you can’t still look and feel your best. Shop around, experiment and do some research on what inexpensive brands have good reviews and which brands and products will suit your style, look and character.

Don’t settle for a lesser look, even though you want to spend less!

What are some of your beauty on a budget tips?

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