How To Do Expensive Home Decor on A Budget

How To Do Expensive Home Decor on A Budget

How To Do Expensive Home Decor on A Budget


Are you the kind of girl who likes the finer things in life? Well, there’s no shame in that. Modern life tends to pass by us so fast that it can sometimes feel as though we spend nearly all our lives either working or sleeping – hence why it feels pretty good to treat ourselves every once in a while!

Of course, if we are on a bit of a budget, we have to be careful about splashing out on expensive goods, but often, investing in quality over quantity can be one of the best ways to add a little touch of luxury to your life. This can be true for fashion, for hair and for makeup (seriously, makeup is so expensive now compared to ten years ago!).

However, one area that many of us plough our hard-earned cash into is the home. It makes sense when you think about it  – everyone wants a peaceful sanctuary to return to after a hard day’s work, and somewhere that is designed completely to their taste. The good thing is, you don’t even need to be on a six-figure salary to get a dreamy, luxury look in your home. Plenty of online retailers and high street stores (ones that were previously only known for fashion) have started expanding into homeware ranges, so you can get the look you want without breaking the bank.


Many of us underestimate the effect that lighting can have on our home as a whole. Human beings are very susceptible to light, and the kind of light that we come into contact with can affect our moods and the general atmosphere of a room. That is why the kind of lighting you choose can mean the difference between your home being ‘high-end’ or ‘low rent’. If you really want to make a statement, go for a classic chandelier. This timeless pieces add a touch of class to pretty much any room, and work especially well if you are lucky enough to own a property with high ceilings. Just remember to be aware of the kind of neighborhood you live in when installing something flashy like this. If you are in any way concerned about the safety of your home, read some alarm reviews before you put up anything that looks too expense, just to make sure you have a way to deter thieves.



Do you ever browse homeware accounts on Instagram or Pinterest and wonder just how on earth they make these rooms look so well ‘put together’? Well, it’s probably because they’re spending money in the right places. If you buy a second hand couch, or a flimsy cabinet from a DIY store, chances are the whole thing is going to look past its best within a year or so. Be mindful of the way in which you spend your money. Splashing out a little more on a huge item such as a couch means that you will get your money’s worth in all the years that it lasts you. Plus, cynics will be able to spot cheap material from a mile away! You can get away with cheaper, smaller items such as accessories or fun pieces of decor, especially as you will probably replace these every couple of years.

Mix up your materials

I mentioned above that cheap materials can be a deal giveaway for how expensive your home really is. If you want to create a modern-meets-classic look that no one can guess the price of, try mixing up different materials in your home. Prepared to go all out? Consider having a feature wall put in. You can do this either by having your walls professionally painted or papered, or, you can take off the paint and plaster and have exposed brickwork in the home. This is something that also adds loads of character to a property.

Contrast the harshness of the exposed brick with a soft, fluffy cream rug – it is these kinds of culture clashes that will make your guests believe that your home is incredibly high -end. Another way to commit to that luxury look is to play it safe with neutrals. After all, you never really see a high-end home that is painted head to toe in rainbow colors, do you? Stick to classic, neutral shades that aren’t likely to offend. Then, you can simply add a pop of color in your accessories or soft furnishings to tie the whole look together.

Images courtesy of Studio McGee
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