How to Save Money When Wedding Planning

How to Save Money When Wedding Planning

How to Save Money When Wedding PlanningΒ 


So as you may know by now, I am most definitely engaged. No date has been set yet, but there are a few details that I already have planned in my mind. I am also enjoying the engagement and in no rush to set all the details just yet, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t already scouting, prepping and finding inspiration where I can!

With that being said, one thing that is incredibly important to me and Stuart is that we keep things inexpensive and simple. Yes, most brides start the planning saying that, but I refuse to get carried away and as of right now, we would like for our wedding to take place in his parent’s backyard. While nothing is even remotely final, I have been compiling ideas and reading loads of Wedding Magazines to get me inspired. I have though come up with a few ideas to help us save some dollars while we get to planning!



Yes, the amount of people you have at your wedding will definitely determine how much money you will be spending. Of course, in some cases, you cannot avoid the number of your guest list, but cutting numbers where you can will definitely help. I mean, do you REALLY need to invite your Dad’s old bosses daughter that he used to work with 10 years ago? And do you REALLYΒ need to invite that “friend” that you haven’t even spoken to since school but you follow each other on Facebook?

Obligation can get you in a lot of hot water during the wedding process, but only you and your significant other matter at this moment, so don’t feel obligated to extend your numbers. You will be the one paying for it in the end after all!


Wedding season is just that – THE season, so when planning a wedding, be prepared to spend more between May – October and less during November – April. I personally hate the extreme heat, so you know that timing works for me perfectly, but if you are like me and looking to nip the budget where you can, then definitely think of timing. Fall and winter weddings are just as beautiful and most venues give you a cheaper rate, so there are loads of options. If you can, getting hitched on another day like Friday can also cut costs, so take that into consideration.

Do Your Research

Just because your friend used the same DJ doesn’t mean that it will be the best option for you. Don’t feel rushed because then it is easy to get lazy and therefore you may not be making the best decision for you and your love. Do your research and even get some help from your family or best friends to help scope out options whether it be for a DJ, a bridal boutique, florals, you name it!

The more information you have, the better options you will have to compare!


Shop Smart

Those odds and ends, decor and little features can really add up, so shop smart. Rather than just looking to David’s Bridal or a standard bridal supply company, scope online sources to find the right items. I personally love Amazon for so many reasons, but I have found that they have a huge amount of wedding-like items to help you save money and compare pricing. From a pretty robe for the bride, to bombaniers, and bridal shower and bachelorette goodies, Amazon has continued to be my favourite place to shop!

Items I’m loving from

Personalized Wedding Hanger

Kate Aspen ‘Classic Happily Ever After’ Cake Topper

Jewel Badgley Mischka Women’s Caroline Dress Sandal

Miss to Mrs Banner,For Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

Personalized Wedding Guest Book

Go Custom

We did this with my ring ( more on that to come), but after experience the special custom route, I know that I would prefer carrying that throughout our entire wedding process. I recently spoke with another engaged lady who is getting her dress custom because the price is right. It made me realize how quick people usually assume that custom means more $$$ but it really doesn’t.

Aside from the fact that you will have an original element to your big day, going custom can actually save you money because you aren’t paying for the name brand and instead, you are getting exactly what you are paying for! Another reason why you should do your research and compare!


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