How To Stay Motivated 3 Months Into the New Year

How To Stay Motivated 3 Months Into the New Year

How To Stay Motivated 3 Months Into the New Year


We’ve all been there. You start the New Year with the best intentions. You’ve swapped chocolate and biscuits for avocados and seeds, and you’ve been to the gym at least 3 times a week for the last month. The novelty of resolutions fuels us for a while but what happens when it starts to wear thin, and life gets back to normal? Suddenly, you’re craving treats, and you’re struggling to find time to get to the gym or go for that 5k run you’ve been meaning to do for days. If you’re finding it tough to stay motivated, here are some tips.

Inject some variety

They say that variety is the spice of life, so make sure you vary what you eat, and the kinds of exercise you do. If you’re surviving on bland salads every day or you’re running for an hour 4 times a week, you’re bound to get bored. Switch things up and try a range of healthy recipes and physical activities. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be dull. There are so many nutritious foods out there, which also happen to be delicious, also, eating well isn’t about cutting out foods or trying to get through the day on 1,000 calories. Incorporate all the food groups into your diet, and try and increase the variety of foods you include. You can also buy books packed with healthy, simple recipes or search online if you’re running out of ideas.

Most of us tend to think of exercise as boring, but it really doesn’t have to be. Try activities that you think will be fun, so you don’t have to rely on visiting the gym every day. You can take a break from work and go swimming, play tennis or go bike riding. Alternate cardio sessions with yoga or a toning class or learn to dance,  and go for a long power walk after a stressful day or let your hair down and go trampolining with some friends. As long as you’re moving, your body will benefit, so don’t think that you have to be a slave to the gym.

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Take the stress out

Are you panicking about finding time to work out or cook healthy meals every night? If so, try and take the stress out of healthy living. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, consider bringing the gym to you, and creating a mini gym at home. You can ask a trainer for recommendations or read about the best home elliptical available online. You could also swap the type of training you do to get more out of it. If you’re used to running for an hour, you’ll get the same burn for 30 minutes of spinning. Follow simple recipes that take 15 minutes instead of slaving over a stove for hours on end, and you can rustle up all kinds of nutritious meals and snacks without any stress at all.

Set new goals

After Christmas, the main aim is usually to shed those extra pounds. Now that spring is on its way, adjust your goals. Do you want to feel more confident in a bikini or are you desperate to get in shape for a wedding or a landmark birthday, for example?

We all have days when we feel more enthusiastic and energetic than others. If you’re struggling for motivation, take these tips on board. If you can push yourself to make healthy choices, you won’t regret it.



Salad photos courtesy of Cookie and Kate
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