How To Survive With Bangs

How To Survive With Bangs


I’m actually laughing at my own blog post title. Survive. Yes, survive, because now that I have this new look as an adult, I finally understand why everyone says “Really!?!?! Are you sure?” when I said I wanted bangs. Don’t get me wrong, I still do love them, but unless your hair is just perfect and doesn’t frizz, or dry out, maintaining the perfect bang is a lot of effort.

Now, my hair is so not naturally straight, but more like frizzy ringlets, so I knew that when I got bangs again, it wouldn’t be easy peasy. With that being said, I still do love them, and the added plus is that my brows don’t always have to be perfect, but I knew that I had to share some insight into loving your bangs. Well, that also includes loving them the entire time and even during the annoying growing out period!


Know Your Hair.

Like I said, my hair is curly naturally, so when I got the urge to have bangs, I knew that it wasn’t going to come easy. I do always blow dry and straighten my hair so I was willing to make it work, and I also love to switch up my hair style so I appreciate that I can pin my bangs back if I need to! My friends at Sassoon Salon in Toronto are a gem and Wesley, who cuts my hair on the regular, convinced me to just do it. He knows my hair, but he knows that I’m willing to work for the style I want, so he gave me some tips and sent me on my merry way! The key is to know what you are willing to do to achieve the look.

Get Inspired.

Look everywhere online for inspiration. You may not notice, but there are so many different styles of bangs, so you can get anything! Whether you want a heavy fringe, a 70’s shaggy bang or just a simple layered side swept bang, the options are endless, so be sure that you know what style it is that you want. I had my inspiration from these two bloggers here and here who really inspired me to make the chop. I know that my hair is a different texture from both, but I knew that if I was taking the plunge, I had to have their style.

This is when Pinterest becomes your best friend!


Think Of Your Skin. Yes, Your Skin.

Since I chopped my hair in the winter, it was a time when my skin was really dry, so I compensated by using a really heavy moisturizer. What I didn’t realize was that when I got ready and moisturized and styled my hair, my bangs would instantly get greasy from the products on my face, so I’ve learned to give my skin some time to dry once I put product on. It has already made a difference and of course, when I need it, I lightly apply some translucent powder to my forehead and dry shampoo comes in handy when I need it!

Be Patient.

Once you decide to grow your bangs out, it can get a little annoying, so the goal here is to be patient. Think of creative ways to style your hair and just know that your hair will get long before you know it! This is by far the hardest part of having bangs, but you will get there!


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