How to Wear Sneakers w/ Dresses

How to Wear Sneakers w/ Dresses 

It’s been pretty evident here on the blog that I love my sneakers. And what i love more than just sneakers is pairing them with a girly look. Usually, that includes a feminine dress!

I find that I always get asked how I can get away with wearing sneakers with dresses and my real secret is that I really don’t have a secret. With bloggers like Sincerely Jules forever inspiring me, I’ve come to appreciate my feminine, but tomboy style. And frankly, sneakers are hella comfortable and can be so incredibly fashion-forward to, so I guess the first tip I have is to just go for it, but I do have a few pointers to help you get started!

1.White Kicks FTW

Honestly, I don’t care who you are – white sneakers are mandatory in every ladies wardrobe. Regardless of the style or how casual they are, there are just so many different versions of white sneakers out there that you can definitely find something right for you. I love to mix up my sneakers and the clothing I wear, but if you are getting started, go for white. It will be less overwhelming to pair a dress (in any colour or style) with white kicks.

2.Rock Them At Any Length

I had a friend say “well, sneakers only look good with a short fluttery dress”, but that isn’t true at all. You can for a short skater-style dress, a shift dress, long maxi, you name it. The best part about this feminine/tomboy combo is that the possibilities are endless! It’s also ultra cut to wear a long dress with a big slit and throw on sneakers. Model off duty, much?!

3.Contrast Is Key

The reason why sneakers in fact, look super cool and chic is because the contrast is what kicks things up a notch. A formal dress with pleats and appliqué can still work with a white sneaker, while a leather mini skirt can easily be worn with a pair of Nike Air Max (in any colour). Take the opportunity to play with textures, prints and colour because this is the perfect look to take risks and have fun!

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