Kitchen Tips To Make Life Easier

Kitchen Tips To Make Life Easier


Most of us use our kitchens every day, even if it’s only to make a nice cup of tea or get a glass of water, and nearly all of us will use at least one kitchen appliance as we do so. Kitchen appliances are very important to making life in the kitchen go by as smoothly as possible, but many of us simply aren’t buying the best appliances or making the best use of them when we do. Here are some simple tips that can change that and make life in the kitchen easier than ever before:


You’d be forgiven for thinking that because you have a dishwasher, you don’t need to bother with the act of washing or rinsing your dishes ever again, but you’d be wrong. If you want to ensure that your dishes are sparkling clean after every wash, you should, at the very least, scrape off any leftover food and give them a quick rinse under the tap before stacking hem in the dishwasher. It sounds like an extra step, but you’ll be thankful!

Boiling Water

It’s a safe bet to say that you are probably using a kettle or pan on the stove for all of your boiling water needs. This is hardly an efficient way to get the hot water you need, especially now that instant boiling water taps are now available. If you don’t want to waste energy and your own time waiting for water to boil, install one of these taps and transform your life!


Oven Accidents

If you spend more time scrubbing your oven clean than you do cooking in it, it’s time to get serious about oven spillages. If you are putting a dish in the oven that has a good chance of overflowing, simply place either some aluminum foil or a fairly deep lined oven tray underneath it to catch any spill and prevent them from turning into stubborn stains inside your oven. 

Food Waste

Sick of throwing out perfectly good food because you didn’t eat it in time? Buy a food saver now. This appliance will vacuum seal your favourite meats, veggies and cooked dishes so that they have a much longer shelf life.


Keeping the Fridge Clean

Fridge shelves can get unbelievably dirty what with dripping meat, yogurt spillages and general wear and tear, but there is a very easy way to stop them – make your own shelf liners out of wipe-clean plastic placemats. Cut them to size and place them on shelves and in drawers and you can just remove them, clean them and replace them next time a spillage occurs, rather than having to take everything out and scrub them clean.

Revolutionize Your Rice Cooking

If you’re still cooking rice on the stove, you’re doing something wrong. Not only do you have to waste a lot of time watching over stove top rice, but you are almost guaranteed to see cooker top spills and your rice will almost never be cooked to perfection. What’s the answer? Buy yourself a rice cooker and have perfect rice every time, with no messy spills! I still can’t believe how many people don’t have a rice cooker when I am over for dinner, so I am always sharing this easy tip!

What tips and tricks do you have for making your kitchen life easier?

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