Making More Time For Life – The LG Styler

Making More Time For Life – The LG Styler

Making More Time For Life – The LG Styler

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In a fast-paced world, time is something that we all wish we had more of. We try our best to work efficiently in our careers while we need the time to spend with loved ones, and of course, we desperately all need to dedicate that time for ourselves.

However, where does the time go? If you’re like me, you are probably thinking, “I have no idea”. Time gets away from us and as much as we like to be organized and on top of our schedules, time is that thing that just seems to get away. That’s why, when 2017 rolled around, I promised myself that I would do what I can to make my life not just easier, but more enjoyable. That means less stress, more downtime to focus on ME and well, keep my home in order.

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With schedules that work against us, the boyfriend and I tag team all the chores and the to-do’s around the house like the laundry, the dusting, the repairs you name it, however, I am always on the hunt for products and devices that make all of that easier so we can have more time for us.

Just this past month, my friends at LG allowed me the opportunity to try out the LG Styler and I cannot even express how much I love this darling product The Styler is an impressive clothing steamer that has the ability to steam and freshen your clothes using 100% water with no chemical additives – prolonging the life of your items and keeping them fresh and looking their best.

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As someone who takes care of the items in my closet and frequently steams and irons my clothing, I was jazzed to incorporate the Styler into my home in hopes of making my life a little easier. And while the boyfriend doesn’t wear a suit to work everyday, he was just as excited to see some of his favourite items transformed!

Once given the Styler, I was immediately impressed with its sleek design but the best part was that it didn’t require any plumbing connections and can easily be installed by yourself. Even for those who are working with a small space, like myself who lives in a condo, I easily integrated the Styler into my bedroom décor and it created a cohesive and clean look.

Side note: The door is reversible, so wherever you want it in your home, you can have the door open on the side you desire.

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The Styler first and foremost offers the ability to multitask, so rather than standing up and ironing or steaming each of your garments piece by piece, the Styler allows for multiple items including a specific spot to press your pants, and a bottom shelf to even get your shoes fresh while your clothing goes for a ride. As a blogger, I have days when I’m at home working away, but my schedule isn’t exactly set, so if I need to put together an outfit and quickly head out the door, I love placing my look in the Styler for a quick refresher as I enjoy a cup of coffee and before you know it, I’m out the door with a fresh look.

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When I refer the LG Styler to friends, I call it pure magic, because the design features are what truly make this machine a must-have item for any household.

  • The Styler dries delicate garments without worrying about shrinkage or damage using its TrueSteam Technology
  • Its moving hanger gently vibrates approximately 180 times per minute to help smooth wrinkles and reduce odours.
  • The door includes a pant press which adds a neat, precise crease to trousers so you don’t have to spend time ironing
  • Its portable water container is easy to fill and drained with an easy-access container
  • The versatile rack is easy to insert and remove depending on what you are placing inside the Styler. It’s the perfect place for folded knits and even your favourite fabric sneakers
  • A full touch panel on the front of the Styler includes all functions so you have access to all settings with just a touch of a button

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For these features and more are why I’ve enjoyed welcoming the LG Styler into my home. From its sleek design to its proven technology that gets your items looking fresher and lasting longer, it’s a device that you are sure to put to good use.

Want to learn more about the LG Styler, stay tuned on the blog for more of how I’ve been putting my LG Styler to use, but until then, visit for more!

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