Miss Teenage Canada Winner, Francesca McFadden

Miss Teenage Canada Winner, Francesca McFadden

The Miss Teenage Canada 2014 pageant took place this past July at the Queen Elizabeth theater, Toronto Ontario. The beautiful Miss Ontario, Francesca McFadden was crowned and took the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2014.


The pageant, which consisted of four categories: swimwear, evening wear, talent and public speaking, were judged by celebrity judges: Matthew Collins, Bree Powell, Sandra Tipei, Alexandra Nikolajev and Melinda Shankar. Leading up to the swimwear competition, the top 20 contestants were announced as the crowd and ladies waited in anticipation to see who would finally be crowned. Once the top 10 contestants were announced, they then moved on to our favourite category; evening gowns. As traditional beauty pageants usually go, the final top 5 contestants were chosen and set to answer their final questions. We always loved that part too! Following the final questions and much deliberation between the judges, Francesca McFadden was crowned as Miss Teen Canada 2014!


The 17 year old Miss Teenage Canada winner has said that she aspires to become a surgeon and is eager to begin her journey to achieve that goal. Smart and beautiful? The judges know how to pick em! Not only is this beauty smart, she loves expressing herself artistically through poetry, film-making and photography among other things. We couldn’t agree more with the judges when they crowned Francesca as Miss Teenage Canada and we love that she aims to focus on helping teens who are dealing with depression. 

Having battled it in the past, I personally know how difficult it can be. I want to raise awareness so that teens don’t feel ashamed and keep these unhealthy feelings bottled up. It is important for them to know that when they are feeling this way they are not alone.

An adventurous, outgoing and determined individual, Francesca has said she is one to never back down from a challenge, so we can’t wait to see what she does as the newly crowned Miss Teenage Canada 2014!

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