My 2018 Beauty Resolutions

My 2018 Beauty Resolutions 


Last year I put together this post on my 2017 beauty resolutions, and it happened to be such a popular post with you guys and it was also a post that really resonated with me, so I thought I would bring it back this year!

As I’ve mentioned before, I am at that age that makes taking care of my skin, hair and health incredibly crucial, so naturally, I’ve put together a few beauty resolutions to give myself a guideline for the next year. I have to say that my 2017 resolutions were perfect and gave me the opportunity to focus on the things that I really needed to get my beauty regime in order and things like drinking more water, never going to bed with makeup on and not picking existing pimples has not only made a HUGE difference in my life, but they are most definitely being carried on to this year as well.

With that being said, there are a few new resolutions this year that I have already started, and I can’t wait to see where it leads me, my skin, my hair and just my overall well being!


Give My Nails a Break

I really had some fun with my nails over the last year. With stiletto tips, gels, shellac, you name it, it was such a fun ride, but after broken nails and lots of $$$ spent, I want to fall back in love with MY nails. Now, I know that can sound silly, but I’m sick of spending money to make my nails what they aren’t and instead, I want to give all the bells and whistles a break and just enjoy MY nails. Yes, they are shorter, but I want to spend my energy getting fun nail art instead of trying to keep them long.

Reignite the Bold Lipstick Flame

I used to be the QUEEN of bold lipstick. If you see my old posts on the blog and instagram, you would notice that I had a serious obsession with reds, purples and fuchsia shades and now, I don’t know when or why it stopped. Things got safe, and rather than going bold, I got comfortable with the soft pinks and nudes and while I LOVE a beautiful and subtle shade, I want to reignite my passion for bold lipsticks. Like this shade I’m wearing here, Russian Red from MAC used to be one of my holy grail lipsticks and just in the last two weeks alone, I have worn it more than I did for all of 2017.

Now, you can definitely expect more pops of colour on my pout this year!


Hair Care Err-day

My hair last year looked the best that it ever has.

I’m sure a lot of that was due to my work with Sassoon Salon which has become my home away from home. My colourist John, and stylist, Wesley has helped guide me in the right direction of loving my hair all over again. I would have laughed if you told me a few years ago that my hair would be this long and healthy and I am forever grateful.  Last year, I also vowed to give my hair a break from hot tools when I can, and that helped so much, so I am hoping to continue that this year along with regular treatments at home and a visit to Sassoon for some TLC every few weeks!

Get Facials Regularly

I have had facials in the past, but it never seems enough. I always see positive results after each facial I’ve had, so I have promised myself that I would start getting facials more regularly this year. I have reached my 30’s, so now I have to make the effort to show my skin some extra TLC so it can stay looking healthy and fresh.

Here’s hoping I can curb a few breakouts in the process!

Drink More Water

Drinking more water was on my 2017 resolutions list, and it’s so important that I couldn’t add it to this years list. Who knew drinking wasn’t as easy as you would think. While I drink far more water than I ever used to, making the effort to drink more water day to day will effectively hydrate my skin and hair and  will also help burn fat and improve my well being as a whole.

What are some beauty resolutions you are making for yourself?


Blouse + Denim – GAP / Earrings – Rebecca Minkoff / Belt – Gucci / Lipstick –  MAC in ‘Russian Red’


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