My Beauty Resolutions for 2017 and Ever After

My Beauty Resolutions for 2017 and Ever After

My Beauty Resolutions for 2017 and Ever After


Now that I am at “that” age, I’ve come to know that treating my skin and hair and taking care of it is not only essential, but crucial to aging as gracefully as humanly possible.

With that being said, I have vowed to myself that I will no longer wear makeup to bed or dry out my hair and focus on how I can improve it all rather than covering it up! Ready to make this the year of great skin and beauty? Check out my beauty resolutions and leave a comment below letting me know what beauty resolutions you are making!

Drink More Water

This is the oldest trick in the book, but it rings true. I’ve already noticed last year how much increasing my water intake improved my skin (amongst other things), so I will continue to keep chugging H2O so I can hydrate my skin. If that isn’t enough, drinking more water will also help burn fat and improve my well being as a whole. I am literally drinking a glass of water as I write this!

Go Au Naturelle When I can

I love playing with makeup and styling my hair, but I am also taking the time to let my skin breath and my hair go naturally curly. On weekends when I am at home or going low key while running errands, I like to give my skin and hair a break from products and instead keep things natural. I know it can be hard to feel like babe material when you don’t have your security blanket of makeup and hair done, but I’m noticing how much more I appreciate my skin and hair when I work with what my mama gave me! It’s kinda empowering!

Use SPF to Protect

I remember the summers as a teenager and in my early twenties when I LOVED the sun and laid out every year to achieve that JLo glow, however, as I got older, I really understood the need of SPF. UV rays not only cause premature ageing, but can cause skin cancer as well, and it’s the harmful UV rays that damages the skin and cause wrinkles. As I mentioned that I am hoping to age as gracefully as possible, I know that simply adding SPF to my every day beauty regime, will protect the only skin I have.

That means that JLo glow will have to be achieved by a great bronzing highlighter!


Give My Hair a Heat Break

I have naturally frizzy/curly hair that is not consistently curly and adorable, so I am always using products to keep it sleek and wavy. That includes dryers and hair straighteners, but I’m making it a point to give my hair a much needed break when I can. Instead of using hot tools on my hair everyday, I am starting to change up my hair style more so I can avoid the heat. I am also using products that are helping protect as well as nourish my hair!

Don’t Touch, don’t pick – Nothing!

I think everyone on planet earth finds it hard to ignore a pimple that needs to be picked, but as hard as it is, keeping your hands off your face is the best thing you can do. I am vowing to keep my hands away from my face rather than going for the “picking method” which causes scaring. It’s difficult, but I will do it – or rather NOT do it!

Never Go to Bed Angry With Makeup On

I’ve been doing this for a while, with the exception of a few nights when “I couldn’t even”, but this year I am NEVER going to bed with even a little makeup on. Not only is it not good for your skin, but it actually makes me feel gross and my skin gross as well. Even though I was, and treat my skin before bed most of the time, I am aiming to make it every single night from now until forever. I know it’s the little things that can really improve my skin, so simply removing my makeup and applying a nourishing night cream will do wonders!

More Sleep

They call it “Beauty Sleep” for a reason. I know how tired and rough I look when I have little sleep, so as silly as it sounds, I want to improve my sleep pattern this year. I know it will only improve everything in my life, and my beauty regime as well. It will also save me money from purchasing under eye products that will make me look more awake! More sleep while saving money? Sounds amazing, right?

That’s it! What are your beauty resolutions this year?


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