My Bucket List Challenge Weekend with Ford Canada

My Bucket List Challenge Weekend with Ford Canada

My Bucket List Challenge Weekend with Ford Canada

If you followed along a couple weekends ago, you would have seen my quick weekend getaway with the boyfriend. It was a fun-filled weekend visiting the Falls which I haven’t seen in some time and really missed. Although it was a rainy weekend, it was such a great weekend to relax and just collect myself and just have a great time!

Ford Canada was amazing and offered up one of their 2017 Ford Escape to take for the weekend. It really was the icing on the cake to an amazing weekend! It gave the boyfriend and me an opportunity to get more acquainted with Ford and see what the car brand has to offer while crossing off items on our bucket list. Leaving early in the morning on Sunday gave us the chance to enjoy a calm ride to the Falls so we could test out the new driver and passenger conveniences like SYNC 3 user interface, the redesigned console and really, so much more!

The top-range Titanium model is the perfect mix of fun – which fit perfectly for the weekend we had, while incorporating advances that made the drive much more comfortable and stylish.


As I mentioned, the weekend was dedicated to crossing a few things off our bucket list. We had plans to do the zip line in Niagara (I am so not afraid of heights and down for an adrenaline rush) but with the rain, I was more focused on not getting my hair wet, so plans had to change.

Heights for me = no big deal, but when the boyfriend brought up visiting the haunted houses in Niagara instead, I immediately felt butterflies in my tummy, and not the good kind of butterflies. Needless to say, I squealed, screamed, nearly lost my voice and even a few times I scratched my boyfriend out of pure fear while clawing my nails into his arms.

So, aside from that few hours of my life I wish I could have back, the weekend was unforgettable. Being someone who believes that the journey is sometimes the best part of any trip, it was the smooth drive with the Ford Escape that really added to the fun. For one, the walk along the falls was a chilly one, but immediately getting into my passenger seat and turning on the heated leather seats was something I was so grateful for. Not to mention that the seats heated up even before we started driving!


After spending the day and night in Niagara, we were lucky to have a day of sunshine on our way home, which is when we were able to indulge in more features on the Escape.

Enjoying the Park Assist near Clifton Hill made it easy to visit as many wax museums, restaurants and (unfortunately) haunted houses as possible in that busy neck of the woods, while the Reverse Sensing System simplified parking and reversing which offered comfort on busy roads. The 2-hour drive back to Toronto also gave us the opportunity to enjoy the Cruise Control so we could relax while keeping a safe distance away from surrounding cars and still cruising at the desired speed.

Something that was pretty crazy to notice while driving was the Lane-Keeping System. At one point, we thought the car was drifting, but really it was helping the boyfriend stay in his lane! Designed to maintain proper lane position, the system monitors lane markings to ensure the vehicle is where it should be – in the lines. It was actually so interesting and really handy. Maybe not for the boyfriend, because I have to admit, he’s a killer driver, but I can think of so many people that would benefit from this!


Lastly, there is no road trip without tunes, and we really enjoyed driving with the SYNC 3 interface which was complete with Navigation, Voice Recognition and Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Safety definitely comes first when it comes to driving and we loved the voice recognition system. Navigating and making calls is simply done with a command, so you can focus on the road in front of you! I may have commanded “DJ Khaled – For Free ft. Drake” a little too many times, but hey, it never interrupted the drive!


Visiting the beautiful falls, getting (way too) scared at the haunted houses and enjoying a smooth and stylish ride in the new 2017 Ford Escape made for an amazing road trip and weekend getaway. If you are interested in checking out more information on Ford Canada and the Escape, you can find more information here, but for now, keep scrolling below for some more photos from the weekend!

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