My Nespresso Academy Experience

My Nespresso Academy Experience

Since joining Nespresso’s Coffee Connoisseur Club I have gained so much knowledge about the luxury coffee brand and its range of intensity as well as taste, and I continue to be impressed with the fine details that make Nespresso what it is.

Between the passionate team that you find in the beautiful Nespresso Boutiques, head offices and around the world to the carefully designed process that is done by man and not machine, I find that now when I taste my Nespresso, I think of the hard working individuals that make something so delicious (and necessary in my day to day).

As if I learned enough about the Nespresso brand, I was lucky enough to be taken to Montreal, which happens to be one of Nespresso’s head office where I had the opportunity to visit and tour Canada’s first Nespresso Academy.

For those of you who don’t know much about the Academy, it’s a beautiful space that is dedicated to hosting media, chefs and Nespresso’s internal team to complete the relationship between the luxury coffee brand and its drinkers. While sitting down to chat with PR and Events Manager, Kate Gouron and Vice President of Marketing and e-Business, Sylvie Charette, they expressed that the development of the Nespresso Academy is also the perfect place for Nespresso’s internal staff to receive the accurate training needed to excel in their field, regardless of what area they focus on in the coffee process whether it be PR or dealing directly with the coffee production itself.

Not only is the space actually gorgeous, but also the setting is the ideal spot for those associated with Nespresso to learn and completely immerse themself in the luxury coffee brand. From the full wall of shiny beautiful Nespresso machines to the bright and beautiful boardroom and the fine details from The Lab to Nespresso marked note pads, it became difficult for me to even leave!

Being one of the first to experience the Nespresso Academy was unforgettable, and of course the space itself is so inviting, but I had the opportunity to take part in two workshops that had us learning more about Nespresso’s process as well as a fun interactive taste test that had us all second guessing just how much we really knew about decaf coffee!

After a delicious lunch with the Nespresso team, we were lead into The Lab where we were introduced to Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, Hans who filled us in on the details of what happens before we receive those beautifully package nespresso capsules that we ever so easily pop into our machines.

The cupping lesson wasn’t complete without a little slurping as Hans demonstrated the right way to slurp so you understand the different notes and scents in each coffee. It was also interesting to see and smell the coffee beans in both the green state to the roasted state that we are all familiar with.

I had always known how much effort and team work was needed to complete such an intricate process, but sitting in the cupping room really opened my eyes to learning just how passionate each Nespresso team member is about their work and even how similar the process is to other business such as building a car from start to finish or even how a beautiful painting is created.

Next up was the interactive decaffeinated taste test. We all gathered around a boardroom alongside Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, Julien as well as Master Sommelier, Élyse Lambert to learn the process between regular and decaffeinated coffee. We were given four coffees to taste from and without any help at all, we all guessed which were decaffeinated and which were not. I believe I only got one right which I’m sure was a fluke, so the fact that we were all pretty stumped on the results means that Nespresso has put in the work to offer the decaf without compromising the taste!

I am constantly reminded about how honoured I am to not only be a part of Nespresso’s Coffee Connoisseur Club, but now having experienced the Nespresso Academy, I am so amazed by the Nespresso team and the lengths they go so they can provide better coffee, better service and a better understanding of why their coffee is (in my opinion) the best!

They also gifted me this amazing Coffee Codex book that is my new favourite addition to my book collection at home!

For more on my love for Nespresso, visit more of my posts with the luxury coffee brand here and stay tuned for more news and releases from Nespresso!

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