New Year, Healthier Hair

New Year, Healthier Hair 


For the most part, I love my hair. Of course we can all find faults with what we are dealt with, but having been through the best and most definitely the worst with my hair, I can confidently say that I am currently enjoying my locks.

I didn’t always though. With naturally frizzy curly hair and forever regretting chopping my locks short when I was younger, I always struggled to make my hair what it wasn’t. I started straightening my hair religiously when I was in high school and once I began University, I was obsessed with hair extensions. I mean obsessed! What began as just a fun way to have long luscious locks quickly made me feel like I needed them and really wouldn’t even leave my house without having a few tracks in.

I guess you could call it my security blanket.


I then finally got over the fear and went ultra short and died it blonde. It was a dope colour and cut, but it was broken, unhealthy and again, it was short. Over the last few years my hair has grown and I have gone between ombre and dark brunette, but within the last 2 or 3 years, my hair has gradually become the hair I had always wanted – healthy! I let go of the attachment I had to extensions (I still use them from time to time but I am not “hooked”), I also decided to stick to a more natural colour, and I have definitely been showing some serious TLC to my locks any way that I can.

I understand that to achieve the hair you want may seem like it’s just a dream that will never come true, but since I’ve been following my own haircare tips and continuously visiting my friends at Sassoon Yorkville for the last two years, I am falling more and more in love with my locks.


1. Visit the Salon

When my hair was at its unhealthiest, I have no doubt that it was due to the fact that I didn’t visit the salon for a treatment and trim, like ever. I was also just seeing the wrong people.

I started visiting Sassoon in Yorkville roughly two years ago and once my hair was in the hands of true professionals, I have been noticing how healthy, shiny and strong my hair is getting. As much as I weep a little every time I get a hair cut, I know its necessary and it is really helping my hair grow healthier. I seriously look at my hair now and can’t believe its all mine. I’ve worked hard to get it tis way, but I can’t take all the credit. My colourist at Sassoon, John and stylist, Wesley are amazing and really help me achieve that bombshell hair I have dreamt about. I already have 2 of my friends and 2 of my sisters visiting Sassoon because they have seen first hand how my hair has transformed! It’s important to see the right people when caring for your hair. Not only are the people at Sassoon amazing, but they are a teaching salon as well, so for those who believe that the best way to learn and master is to teach, then I urge you to visit them!

2. Avoid the Hot Tools When Possible

Oh yes, speaking from someone who has naturally curly frizzy hair, I understand how difficult this tip is, but boy does it ever help. I don’t use hair curlers or wands, but my guilty pleasure is a hair straightener. I used to use it daily even though I knew it was just no good for my hair, so rather than continuing to use hot tools on my hair everyday, I have my one system. Starting with Day 1, I go for the hot tools (on low heat) and straighten or wave my hair. The next day I try and work with next day hair which usually is the best and then the following few days I have fun with my hair and work with different hairstyles so I am not using hot tools.

3. Washing TLC

Yes, by now you are probably wondering how and when I wash my hair. Natural oils in the hair is what makes your hair grow, so I really try to avoid washing my hair excessively. I don’t even care how gross it sounds, but I know washing my hair fewer times means that I am applying hot tools to my hair less which of course makes my hair grow healthier. Also to note, the winter time makes me crave a good hot shower, but hot water is so bad for your hair, so as much as you want to stand under the water as it pours over my chilly body, I always rinse out shampoo and conditioner with cool water because it is good for both strength and shine.

4. Hair Mask DIY

Deep conditioning should be done every so often. Whether you purchase it over the counter or give yourself a coconut oil hair mask, it will really improve the texture of your hair and give it strength and shine. A coconut oil mask is a favourite of mine since it protects hair from sun damage and  dandruff while improving hair follicles which of course, accelerates hair growth! Since I am currently dealing with some hair fall out (I’m assuming due to the winter weather) I have been using olive oil. I heat it up a little in the microwave and apply to my ends and then work its way up close to my roots, just not directly. I comb, then cover with a towel and let it sit for an hour or so. I then wash it out and apply a leave in conditioner and let it air dry.


While these are only a few tips, these are the ones that I seriously follow and I have noticed the change in my hair. I am keeping things simple but sultry with my hair as of late, but visiting Sassoon makes it so difficult because I am always seeing cool cuts and colours while I visit!

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.31.05 AM

Their latest A/W16 Utopia Collection is drool-worthy and consists of three looks: the updated messy bob (which we all know was all the rage last year), deep mocha, chocolate and light caramel hues that added definition to an effortless medium length cut, and lastly, the “little black dress of the hairdressing world” which is the versatile bob. The stylists and colourists at Sassoon are not only talented but really inspiring, so if you searching for a new look, then have a consultation with their stylists! You won’t be disappointed!

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