Eating Clean with Power Clean Meals

Eating Clean with Power Clean Meals

Eating Clean with Power Clean Meals 


I find that when I ask people about their journey towards a healthier lifestyle and what the hardest part for them was, it seems like most are quick to respond with “food”. As much as working out and being active is a vital part to leading a healthier life, there is no doubt that the food you eat is incredibly important.

Whether you are working towards a big goal, looking to just shed a few pounds for summer or hoping to completely transform your lifestyle, the food you eat will be the first and most important step. For me, planning my meals is a great way to help me consistently choose nutritious, balanced meals since I am always on the go, and really, cannot be trusted to just go for the healthier option, so meal planning is always both convenient and life saving!


It is truly amazing how much changing your food diet will transform your life in general, so when I heard about Power Clean Meals and was given a few dishes to devour enjoy, I couldn’t pass it up!

Power Clean Meals was developed by Mari and Lousi. Sisters, Co-Founders, Health Professionals, Personal Trainers and the Chefs at Power Clean Meals. Both can agree that eating healthy can be a struggle and does take time, but they have developed wholesome, balanced meals with all the nutrients it takes to power through a hectic week.

With three plan options to choose from – Power Plan, Classic Plan, and Meatless Plan, there is surely a plan for everyone. Yummy dishes like Beef Stuffed Peppers (my fave), Chicken Stir-fry and the Vegetable Bean Stew are just a few of my favourite dishes and I can’t wait to try more!

For more information on Power Clean Meals, visit here but for now, enjoy these delicious pics and trust me that this is a great option to change your lifestyle and get healthy!


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