How to Preserve The Memories Of Your Wedding Day

How to Preserve The Memories Of Your Wedding Day

How to Preserve The Memories Of Your Wedding Day


Your wedding day is often cited as the best day of your life, so of course in years to come, you’ll want to remember everything about it. Yes, you’ll have a beautiful album of photographs, but it’s more than that. You’ll want to remember what is was like waking up on that morning, when the day had finally arrived. You’ll want to recall how you laughed with your mom when you were getting ready. One day you’ll want to revisit all those little moments that seem so insignificant as they happened and these three ideas will help you do just that. 

Video Footage

Many couples opt for video footage of their weddings, as well as photographs. As the video camera captures actions as they occur, the results are often less staged than traditional photographs. If you’re opting for this service, consider expanding it to cover the whole day. For example, getting ready, the cars arriving, etc.

For those personal moments, there’s always your own cell phone. Creating a video diary of the day where you talk to camera and capture your thoughts and feelings is a beautiful way to preserve those private moments for you, your husband and your future children. As you’re in control, you get to decide what is recorded and what is left out. Another option is to have one of your bridesmaids do it!



Anyone who has organized a wedding will know how much planning it takes. Wouldn’t it be lovely to keep some of those little finishing touches you agonized over. For example, serviettes, place settings, favors, signage, etc. When ordering supplies, ensure you keep a few extras for a scrapbook or memory box. It’s often these tiny details that when accessed, bring about forgotten memories.

Wedding flowers can be dried, preserved and enjoyed for years to come. And you’ll want to remember the wedding invitations and stationery that you took pains to design yourself. Use a quality service such as Inspired Design DIY wedding invitations or similar. Slices of your wedding cake can be frozen for a  christening or to enjoy on your first wedding anniversary.


Invite Guests To Contribute To Your Memories

It’s traditional to ask guests to sign a memory book during the reception. You can then look back on their messages. However, there are other ways you can collect these memories, messages, and observations.

  • Provide guests with a hashtag so they can upload their own photos to Instagram or similar
  • Photo booths are a fun way to capture your family and friends on film
  • Instead of a memory book, consider a memory jar which can be opened on your wedding anniversary
  • Create a video book or audiobook of guests talking about the couple and providing fun or poignant anecdotes

Wedding days are special days. They are a celebration of family and life. The commitment you make cannot be underestimated and gathering those closest to you makes it even more significant. You think you’ll never forget that day and will recall all of the details. But at some point life will get in the way and there will be other special moments to record. So take steps to preserve them. Your future self will thank you for it.

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