Pure + Simple #FreshCanadianBrands17

Pure + Simple #FreshCanadianBrands17

Pure + Simple #FreshCanadianBrands17 


August begins tomorrow and all I can think is, “where has the time gone?”

It was just a few weeks ago that I was invited to Pure + Simple’s #FreshCanadianBrands17 event and though it’s in fact been three weeks since the event, I still can’t get that evening off of my mind. Not just because of all the beauty products I have tried from Pure + Simple since then (because they are actually amazing) but it’s because the entrepreneurial advice takeaway from that event was so powerful.

I should start off by saying that Pure + Simple, which is located in Yorkville, was a spot that I frequently passed, but never actually stepped foot inside. Even though I am always in the Yorkville area and had always been curious to learn more about the company, their products and services, life just happens  of course, and I never took the plunge until the invite came my way for their #FreshCanadianBrands17 event. Now, all i can say is that I am so lucky that I went.

Unlike most beauty events where the spotlight is solely on the product, this event was the perfect mix of beauty and the entrepreneurial community. While Pure + Simple may offer natural beauty products along with spa treatments, they also are host to events that bring the community to together, and that’s exactly what their latest event was all about as they featured 4 phenomenal Canadian entrepreneurs that work in the green beauty industry.



Once after coming home to find her two-year-old daughter slathered in her face cream, Lisa immediately worried about what chemicals were doing to her young skin, and was quickly reminded of the few products she used like natural and plant-based oils and creams that her parents had used on her as a child. It was then that she focused on building a beauty line that brought her back to her native Southern India roots,  incorporating natural ingredients like turmeric and coconut oil.

Cydney Mar Wellness

After a near death experience and time spent in the hospital struggling with an undiagnosed illness which resulted in her losing over 65% of her hair, Cydney’s passion for optimal health grew and propelled her into the beauty industry as what she likes to call, an Energy Enthusiast!

It was then after partnering with a high-quality Canadian nutraceuticals manufacturer to develop a focused line of extraordinarily effective vitamins and supplements that she began Cydney Mar Wellness!

Bella Aura

A skincare line of five multi-purpose products that are suitable for all skin types, Bella Aura combines essential nutrients and advanced science with natural active ingredients along with packaging that uses unique dark violet glass bottles designed for natural formulations to create must-have products.

With a mission to educate consumers in order to satisfy their personal skin care needs and expectations, Bella Aura aims to offer the  finest, most advanced, all natural skin care products to enhance inner and outer beauty.

Sattva Pure

Driven to create a natural, healthy alternative to conventional skin care without compromise, Mia developed Sativa Pure and its extensive product selection including cleansers, lotions, butters, eye creams, balms, scrubs, masques, exfoliants, toners, serums and oils. Between the premium ingredients which are vegan and free from parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, SLS, SLES, synthetic colours and synthetic fragrances, and the diligent process of creating and perfecting their formulations, Sativa Pure has created natural beauty products that will leave you soft and glowing from head to toe!


After getting familiar with the featured beauty brands and sipping on teas from Miyu Teas & Beauty, we enjoyed an informational panel discussion with Jill Dunn & Carlene Higgins from Breaking Beauty and the featured beauty brands about the green beauty industry as well as female entrepreneurship. It was such an enlightening and powerful discussion with the panelists,  as they shared their own journeys of difficulty and triumph like Lisa from Saharan who shared her horrifying story of her product formulation that was almost taken from her and Cydney Mar who shared her near death experience and what inspired her business. The panel discussion was the perfect way to end the evening – with Tori’s Bakeshop goodies of course, perfectly combining beauty and female empowerment!

Though it has been a few weeks since the event, Pure + Simple has been hosting each founder for a whole week at different locations, so you can learn more and about each brand and fall in love with each of them like I have. For information on the dates and times available, visit here!

Even if you don’t catch these amazing brands featured, be sure to visit Pure + Simple for more great beauty products, must-try spa treatments and really, just to meet the fabulous employees!




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