Simple Gold Vase DIY

Simple Gold Vase DIY


It’s Christmas eve! As the excitement sets in, I realize that there is still a lot to prepare before tomorrow and lots to do tonight with family.

When traditional gifts aren’t an option or traditional holiday decor isn’t really your style, then this simple but beautiful diy is just the thing. As simple as heading to the dollar store and spray painting a glass vase gold, this diy not only works as a great hostess gift (with flowers included of course) but it also makes a great dining table decor option.

The gold is ideal for the holidays without it looking like Santa threw up in your home and it offers a nice sophisticated touch to your holiday decor. I gifted one gold vase with fresh mint I picked from my own garden – making it a gift that will really last. Even though its Christmas Eve, we know there are those last minute peeps out there, so this is for you!

Keep scrolling below for some inspiration for your next diy!

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