Six Décor Tricks and Tips to Prepare Your Home for...

Six Décor Tricks and Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

Six Décor Tricks and Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

Now that the holidays are almost here, you want to make your home a little prettier and cosier to keep the cold from crashing your parties. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money or that you have to be a DIY décor diva. With a few easy tips, your home can be a delight over the festive season.


Add Layers

Don’t forget to give your home some layering charm this winter. This can be achieved easily to make it a warmer place. Put an extra rug on the floor to create heat. Place colourful throws over sofas or even armchairs to give them a draped effect. Layer different soft textures together to create comfort. For instance, faux fur and suede cushions create a sumptuous and stylish effect.

Update Your Fireplace

What can be cosier than the corner near the fireplace? This is also the perfect spot to throw some festive spirit into the room. Clear the mantelpiece and place some Christmas touches on it, such as candles, snow globes you already own, candy canes in mason jars, or jars filled with baubles from the Christmas tree. It’s a lovely warm touch to your fireplace this winter. No fireplace? Try the same treatment on windowsills!


Trade in Your Traditional Christmas Tree

Big green Christmas trees are great, but sometimes you want something a little different with which to mark the festive season in your home. Creative trees are a clever trick if you don’t have a lot of room in your living space, plus they add a chic note to the season. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a Stick Christmas Tree. Collect sticks of different sizes, then cut them so that when they are placed in a line the smallest one is on top and the sticks get longer as you move down. This creates the triangular Christmas tree shape. Next, use rope to attach the sticks to each other, leaving extra length at the top so that you can hang it on the wall. Decorate it with fairy lights for an extra special touch.
  • Make a Wall Tree’. If you have a bare wall in need of some sprucing up, here’s an idea that will make it the attention-grabber of the room. Collect items that are meaningful to you, such as photos, small framed pictures, ribbons and decorative plates, and then fasten them to the wall. Be sure to place them in such a way that they create a Christmas tree shape. This is a lovely way to be creative and sentimental with your tree this year.

Rearrange Your Furniture

To make the most of warm indoor air, move chairs and sofas against the wall so that they can create a cosier space. The walls inside your house don’t get lashings from the cold so they hold onto the heat and you can take advantage of this warmth simply by sitting closer to them. While it helps to keep you warm, moving your furniture around is also a great way to breathe fresh air into your living space décor.


Add a Touch of Sparkle

Metallic shades on your eyes are a trendy staple this season but what about adding some shimmer to your home décor? Touches of silver or gold can look eye-catching to guests while giving you that sparkle you want to achieve over the festive season. You can bring metallic magic into your home décor easily:

  • Spray-paint mason jars and pinecones with gold or silver and place them on the table or mantel for a bit of festive glamour.
  • Glitter is fun to use in DIY ideas: glue glitter onto bows that will then decorate the Christmas tree beautifully.
  • Bring different metals together. If you have some gold, silver, and/or bronze ornaments, group them to create an interesting feature in the room.

Bring in Outdoor Inspiration

Natural materials are becoming highly popular when it comes to fashion, jewelry and even home décor. Here are some ways to get inspired by the natural outdoors and bring some of it into your festive décor:

  • Create Fake Snow. Whether or not you’ve got snow outside, you can create fake snow inside by filling vases with salt and dried branches. This is a pretty idea for classy yet creative table décor.
  • A Twist on Mistletoe. If you have wine glasses you don’t use anymore, create funky décor with them. Place a sprig of mistletoe on the table, then place an upside-down glass over it. The last thing you’ll need is a small red candle that you will place on the base of the glass. How pretty!
  • Decorate Your Table with Edibles. Fruits, vegetables and nuts can be used to create lovely bursts of colour and texture on your Christmas table. For instance, fill vases with walnuts, lemons and cranberries for a nice pop of colour.

Creating beautiful and warm décor is easy with a few clever DIY tricks. Try them to bring festive flavour into your home





Post written by Cassie Brewer 
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