Superfoods You Need to Incorporate Into Your Diet

Superfoods You Need to Incorporate Into Your Diet

Superfoods You Need to Incorporate Into Your Diet

Superfoods – we have all heard of them, and the list just seems to get longer and longer. With so many different people saying different things, it can be hard to know who to believe. Nonetheless, there are certain foods which are proven to have a high number of health benefits, and so many of them can easily be made part of your daily diet – it doesn’t make sense not to. So what are some superfoods you can trust? To help you out on that front, I’ve put together a list of the top superfoods – as backed up by science. Get these into your meals and you will be feeling the benefits in no time. Then the only question will be why you didn’t start eating them with every meal a lot sooner!


Brussels Sprouts

I know, I know, they’re not everybody’s favourites. Nonetheless, nobody can deny just how good for you Brussels sprouts are. Containing more glucosinolates than any other vegetable, these are ideal cancer-busting and -preventing foods. And if you’ve been resolutely avoiding them all your life because you don’t approve of the taste – it might be time to rethink your position. There are a whole host of delicious recipes for sprouts out there – trust me! Take a brussels sprout salad. It is actually the best thing I’ve discovered over the past year!


Your average egg has six grams of protein, but only seventy-two calories. Truly, eggs are an everyday superfood hiding right under our noses! Studies have found, time and again, that eating eggs is a fantastic way to boost any weight loss. Apparently, the best time of day to eat them is at breakfast, when they really work their magic. Slimming, delicious, and they go with just about any meal – versatile!



Beetroot is rich in nitrates. Nitrates are what help to lower blood pressure. Don’t believe it? Have a look:

So eating beetroot has proven links with a lower blood pressure. As a result, you will also have a healthier heart. Any food that keeps the ticker going strong has to be worth a mention. After all, what’s more important? Look up ‘superfood’ in the dictionary, and you are sure to find a picture of the beetroot.


Goji Berries

Apart from being potentially the most delicious entry on this list, goji berries are also incredibly good for you. Rich in vitamin C – to the tune of five hundred percent more than oranges or indeed any other fruit. Not only that, they are a great source of many other minerals and vitamins too. Looking to reverse the effects of aging? Look no further! Throw them on your cereal for an easy way to fit them into your diet.

Coconut Oil

If you are in the process of losing weight, then coconut oil just might become your best friend. The fantastic thing about it? It doesn’t just help you lose weight. It helps you lose weight, in particular, around your belly. Studies have also shown that coconut oil can help to reduce inflammation and fight infections. It even improves your skin. Plus, it protects the brain from Alzheimer’s disease. Read more about this wonder food here:



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