The First 7 Steps Towards Planning Your Wedding

The First 7 Steps Towards Planning Your Wedding

The First 7 Steps Towards Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged! It’s one of the happiest, and most exciting times of your life. You and your partner can finally sit down and plan your dream wedding. There might be arguments, compromise, and fallouts ahead! It is stressful, but there will be lots of joy, and excitement too. Our first suggestion? Take some time to let it all settle in. It’s the strangest feeling, and it still won’t feel real when you start telling people. But, allow yourself to enjoy this time, and celebrate this milestone.

That means you don’t have to jump straight into the wedding planning, but, if you’re anything like us, it won’t be long before you’re itching to get started. The ideas start popping into your head, and you’ll need an entire folder to keep hold of your ideas. Your friends and family will start asking if you’ve set a date, and eventually, you’ll want to dive right in. Today, we’ll show you where to start, and map out those crucial first steps.


  1. Tell everyone!

The first step is to tell all your friends and family about the big moment! Your parents will almost always be your first call. Though, if your husband-to-be has asked for their permission, they’ll already know. Then you can call your close friends before announcing it to the world. As we said before, enjoy this time. It’s a lovely moment, you’ll get lots of cards and congratulations. You two should go out and celebrate together, and start thinking about your happy future.

  1. Set a date, and a budget

You’ll quickly find there’s a set order to do things when it comes to the wedding. Before you do anything else, you do need to decide a date and a budget. The date will determine what venues and suppliers are available. There’s no immediate hurry here, and many couples plan 18 months or a year in advance. You’ll find that most venues are booked up for the coming twelve months. So, if you want something within the year, you’ll have to hustle! As for the budget, you can’t make any calls until you know how much you can afford. Sit down and have an honest conversation about money. Set a savings plan, and determine if your parents are likely to help you out with the cost.

  1. Choose the venue

With a date and budget in mind, the fun part can begin! The venue is the defining point of the day. It will set the scene, and create the backdrop to your big day. It’s got to be perfect! Luckily, you’ll know as soon as you walk in the door whether it’s the right place for you. You no longer have to stick to the classic church either. You can choose a castle, a hotel, or the beach! Visit plenty of options before you make your choice.

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  1. Start dress shopping

It’s never too early to start dress shopping (seriously!) In fact, most professionals suggest ordering the dress at least eight months in advance. That’s because each dress is made to order based on your measurements and preferences. With that in mind, start trying dresses on immediately! Set an appointment with the local wedding dress shops, and take your mum and Maid of Honor with you. You’ll have an unforgettable day, so make sure you enjoy every second.

  1. Book the photographer

As you can imagine, photographers get booked up pretty quickly at the weekends! Our friends at Bluephoto wedding photographers tell us they try to plan at least twelve months in advance, and those summer weekends will be especially tricky to find someone. That’s why you need to start approaching them early. Look through their portfolio, and choose the photographer that captures the essence and joy of the day.

  1. Catering

There are a lot of catering options open to you, and the sooner you book one, the better. Often, the wedding venue will have a list of approved and recommended caterers. Look to see their menus, and meet with the team members. They’ll help you craft a menu that is perfect for your wedding theme and season. Again, it’s so important to book early to avoid disappointment.

  1. Save the date cards

Now that you’ve booked a venue, it’s really happening! Those butterflies in your tummy won’t go away for a while either. Now’s the time to make it official. Send the ‘Save-the-Date’ cards out to your friends and family, and make sure everyone has plenty of notice. Trying to get everyone together on one weekend isn’t easy!

Now that all the big things are booked and planned, you can start having fun! Get creative with decorations and ideas for the big day. Congratulations, and good luck!

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