The Most Important Health Tips to Follow Now

The Most Important Health Tips to Follow Now

The Most Important Health Tips to Follow Now

In the race of getting slimmer everyday, you make lots of efforts and struggle the battle of food. Ultimately, you go for an Expert advice to plan out things for you. Have you ever noticed whether the nutritionists themselves follow their piece of advice or not? You’d expect them to have the healthiest diets, but they too are attracted to worldly pleasures.


On visiting a Dietitian, I was surprised with the confessions he made; check out –

Every day I counsel number of patients and advice them to follow a healthy lifestyle. I urge them to Walk, Practice Yoga and do regular fitness exercises and what not…. But at an instance I found myself thinking “Ummm, Even I should do more of that!”. For eg., Often I advice my patients not to drink water just after meals, But when it comes to me, I find myself empty handed as I can’t go through without drinking plenty of water with my food. Finally, he confessed, I do not follow all the advice I give to my patients. I provide my patients all the helpful tools such as weekly plans, helpful articles, recipes etc. But I still struggle to follow them.

Here are some of the most important health tips to follow now that we know can be the easiest to struggling with:


Do Not Miss the Breakfast

It is advised that we should kick-start the day with healthy meals and should not miss the breakfast. Sometimes when my dinner gets late, I don’t wake up hungry and skip out the most important meal of the day.

Supplementary Diets

Often, I advice patients with low level Vitamins or Minerals to take supplements to fulfill their body requirements. You can get wide range of Supplements at discounted rates using Nutrisystem Promo Codes. Although we all know that the we should first get the best from food rather than medications, it is hard to get enough of Vitamin D, Calcium and Omega-3s from daily diet. To accomplish healthy bone requirement I am bound to take the supplementary pills.


Workout Regularly

This is the advice to almost all of the clients which I utter almost hundreds of time a day. In your tight schedule, it is hard to get time for regular workouts. But for a happy and healthy life, break out the limits and set up priorities to exercises in your routine schedule. I preach people the ways you can fix up your daily schedule but often fail to follow my routine.

Turn Off the Screens

It is a common advice not only by the practitioners, but also by elders that you should not watch TV while snacking. Most of the world is prone to have their meals in front of screens. I am prone to have sweets after dinner and just sit in front of the tube to relax and unwind whole day’s tiredness.

Sit and Eat

In this swift world, I find many people eating on their way and running; which is not at all good for health. So, sit properly and have your meals patiently chewing it properly.



Well, it is clear that teaching the principles of healthy eating may be a part of their profession, following an ideal lifestyle would be a challenge for the Nutritionists too.




Written by Daniel Clark

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