Things You Need to Discuss Before Getting Engaged

Things You Need to Discuss Before Getting Engaged

Things You Need to Discuss Before Getting Engaged

Before you get engaged, there are a few things you need to do. I mean, marriage is supposed to be forever. If you don’t take the time to do the following things first, you could end up with a surprisingly unhappy marriage on your hands. It’s always exciting at the beginning – but will you stand the test of time? Do these things before you get engaged and you stand the best chance of lasting:


Discuss Children

Children can be a sensitive matter for some couples. If one of you pictures at least 3 children in your future and the other doesn’t picture any, then this is an important issue you need to discuss. If neither of you will budge or come to a compromise, then you should question your future before you tie the knot since it’s impossible to ignore the problem, and it won’t go away.

Discuss Your Lifestyle

What kind of lifestyle do you picture yourselves having in the future? Do you want to live in a city? The countryside? You should both agree on the kind of lifestyle you’d like to lead. After all, you’ll be in it together. Only then should you consider finding the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Live Together

Living together before getting engaged is wise. How will you know you can both live in harmony if you don’t? Start renting and see how things go. It makes no sense to take on the commitment of a mortgage, which can be just as commital as a marriage in some cases. It’s wise that you live together for a while so you know you can live with one another’s faults. You don’t need to think it’s perfect, but it needs to feel right.

Discuss Your Beliefs

Beliefs may not affect your relationship at all, but if religion comes into the equation at all, it can change things. You may need to change religion in some cases to get married. Would you be willing to do this? If not, you may need to go your separate ways.

Meet Family

When you marry, you’re marrying into another family. You should meet the family and spend a little time with them. Overall, it doesn’t matter what they think or whether you like them or not, however, it’ll make your life much easier if you can find some common ground with them.

Learn Spending Habits

Learn one another’s spending habits. After all, once you’re married, you’ll usually create a joint account. This is where your bills and other outgoings will all come out of, so if one of you has a bad spending habit and the other is frugal, it could cause problems somewhere down the line.

Talk About the Past

You don’t need to know every gory detail of your partner’s past. It may help you to have a rough idea of how they came to be with you, though. Especially if there’s something you should know about, like a criminal record!

If you’ve done all of this, then it could be time for you to start planning your wedding! It’s your prerogative when to wed, but doing all of this first can save you some heartache.

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