Tips for Perfect Winter Skin

Tips for Perfect Winter Skin


Let’s face it; the chilly winter weather can really wreak havoc on our skin. And while I wish I could just jet-set to a warm destination so I can stay far away from the Canadian winter, I have to admit that I like the winter, even though my skin doesn’t! However, rather than wallowing in those typical “winter blues”, I’ve decided to show my skin some extra TLC during this time to help prevent dryness and dehydration.

From focusing on what foods improve my skin to simply following tricks that have been passed down for years, I’ve got a few tips that will help you get that summer glow – but in the winter!

Visit a Beauty Advisor

I recently had the opportunity of visiting the Shoppers’s Drug Mart beautyBOUTIQUE at Bloor and Runeymede in Toronto. Once my experience was over, I felt like I was left with so much knowledge about my skin and how I can better improve it during the winter when my skin is at its absolute driest!

Beauty Advisor and Aesthetician Ross walked through the skincare consultation with me and started by testing my skin. I already knew that my skin was dry (especially that day I may add), but he was then able to inform me on what my skin really needed. He introduced different products like Vichy’s Quenching Mineral Mask and Dr. Roebuck’s Boost & Tighten Serum for my trouble areas and he was pleasantly informative on every topic.

Visiting a beauty advisor like Ross is essential when looking to improve the state of your skin. Each season can change the texture and appearance of your skin, so learning about what products will really work specifically for you is the first step in perfecting your winter skin!


Don’t Forget SPF!

I can’t help but beat myself up when I think about my teenage years when I didn’t think about sun damage and the affect it had on my skin. I may have lost those years, but now I am constantly reaching for my SPF. A lot of women don’t realize how important SPF is, even in the winter because of course, we aren’t on the beach and we don’t have the blistering sun beating down on us most days, but SPF is crucial even during the winter. The harmful UV rays are just as strong and damaging no matter how much the temperature drops, so before you even think about applying makeup, don’t forget to apply SPF under your makeup.

I happen to use a primer that also has SPF, so you know I’m about preventing wrinkles and aging as gracefully as possible.

Watch the Heat

With it being cold during the winter, we can immediately want to go for hotter showers and turn up the heater in our home, but as much as we crave the heat, it’s the heat that can really dry out and dehydrate your skin. I know it can be difficult, but keeping away from super warm showers and washing your face with warmer water will keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated. Not to mention that indoor heating removes moisture from the skin which leads to dryness and irritation.


Stay hydrated

The wintertime means it’s all about keeping your skin hydrated, so of course that means keeping YOU hydrated. Water is something that should be consumed daily and every day of the year, but with the winter weather, we are usually reaching for our hot beverages.

Of course we can’t go without a hot cup of tea or coffee during the day, but it’s important to have your dose of H2O every day. Rather than reaching for soft drinks and sugar-sweetened beverages as well, opt for water as often as you can and your skin will start to love you back!

You Are What You Eat

As much as we want to purchase the best beauty products, the foods you eat really affect the way your skin looks and feels.

  • Start with combining foods from all four food groups to make sure you’re getting the key nutrients your skin needs.
  • Load up on fruits and veggies and choose foods that are rich in antioxidents to repair skin damage
  • Include healthy fats in your diet like nuts & seeds, unsaturated oils, fatty fish and foods rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3’s and Zinc

It’s easy to focus on skincare when dealing with issues regarding your skin, but the first thing to look at is what you are putting into your body. Naturally, a bad diet can negatively affect the skin, so making better decisions will greatly improve your skin’s condition.


And if you are what you eat, then it’s important to start off the day with a nutritious smoothie which I happen to do at least 3 times a week! This Ricotta Blueberry Smoothie is favourite of mine and it’s made with some of my favourite PC products! Scroll below for how to create the recipe.

Ricotta Blueberry Smoothie

Full of protein, this smoothie makes a great breakfast or post-workout snack. Using frozen blueberries makes it convenient, as well as thick and cold.

Serves: 3

Ready in: Under 5 minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Per serving: 140 calories, fat 4 g, sodium 80 mg, carbohydrate 21 g, fibre 3 g, protein 6 g



In blender, combine berries, soy beverage, ricotta and banana. Blend at high speed for 30 seconds or until very smooth. Serve immediately.

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