Tips For Protecting Your Skin This Fall

Tips For Protecting Your Skin This Fall

Tips For Protecting Your Skin This Fall

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Now that I am officially no longer a teenager (okay, it’s been a while), long lost are the days of being neglectful of my skin or thinking that the rays of the sun are not as harmful as people say they are. The truth is though, if I knew then what I know now about skincare, I would have been protecting it from the beginning.

Rather than dwell on the coulda, woulda, shoulda, I have spent the last few years of my life dedicated to keeping my skin looking and feeling its best. And though there are things that you just can’t seem to fight because of course, life just happens; there is no reason for your skin to suffer in the process.

One thing is for certain and that is just how much sun exposure can change the look, feel, and texture of the skin leading to age spots, premature wrinkling, easy bruising, and more. And even though we are in the process of bidding adieu to the summer, that does not mean that the protection needs to end for your skin. What some don’t realize is that during the cooler months, your skin is still exposed to the sun and can easily weaken skin causing ill effects even years later.

That’s why I’ve made it a point to stick to these few simple steps and keep on top of my regime and using the right products so that I can have my skin looking and feeling its best:


Rain or Shine Sunscreen’s a Must– Do you wear sunscreen every day? This one simple step can greatly reduce your risk of sun damage, and while we all know to sunscreen up when we head to the beach, you should also remember to do it during the cooler months as well. I have personally been loving the new Aveeno Active Naturals Sensitive Skin SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreens as they are formulated with naturally sourced 100% zinc oxide and ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat to combine effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection with skin soothing benefits. Free of all parabens, phthalates, dyes, fragrances, and traditional (chemical) sunscreen filters, the new SPF is so smooth and comfortable to wear as it nourishes the skin while it protects, so I can comfortably wear it all day long! It’s always important to invest in effective skincare products and since Aveeno has always been a brand of choice, their new Active Naturals Sensitive Skin SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen is right up my alley!

Cover Up Before You Head Out– Of course during the cooler months here in Canada, it’s day to stay protected with multiple layers on along with thick outerwear pieces, but in the winter don’t forget about those unprotected areas. Your jacket and pants might cover your arms and legs, but your face, ears, and hands need sun protection too so don’t forget about them!

Tanning Beds are a No-No– Natural sunlight isn’t the only danger for your skin. Artificial sunlight can cause skin damage too. Avoid tanning beds and booths and opt for a self-tanner if you desire a more bronzed look! Some people mistakenly believe that a base tan will protect their skin from further sun damage, but this isn’t true. Indoor tanning is never a safe choice for your skin.

Cloudy Doesn’t Mean You Are Safe– Don’t skip the sun protection on a cloudy day. Up to 80% of UV rays that cause sun damage can penetrate through clouds. This is especially important to remember in the winter when cloudy days are more common and it is easy to forget the sunscreen.

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Consistency is Key– One of the best ways to protect yourself from sun damage is to develop healthy sun habits and to use them consistently. Make sun protection an everyday priority. I like to apply Aveeno’s Active Naturals Sensitive Skin SPF 50 mineral sunscreen each morning before I apply makeup and get ready. The best part is that it’s lightweight, non-greasy and non-sticky so you can apply and get ready without that uncomfortable sticky feeling! Remember, sun damage doesn’t just happen on a trip to the beach, so be sure that you are protecting your skin all year long.

Don’t Forget Your Ears– Odds are you’re forgetting to apply sunscreen to some of these commonly forgotten areas: ears, feet, scalp, hands, lips, and the back of your knees. Wearing a hat is an easy (and much less messy) alternative to applying sunscreen in the hair, while using a lip balm with SPF will help keep your kisser from getting burnt.

Show the sun that you’re in charge with these tips for avoiding sun damage and be sure to pick up my favourite Aveeno Active Naturals Sensitive Skin SPF 50 mineral sunscreen so you can stay protected and keep your skin young and fresh!

What are your favourite tips for protecting your skin? Let me know in the comments.

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Thank you Aveeno for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

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