Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Life

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Life


The spring weather hasn’t quite arrived just yet, but we can’t help but anticipate the spring season. For me, I love to get to my spring cleaning somewhat early so I can be really efficient and smart about what is leaving and what is coming in for the next season. While some may think of spring cleaning as literally “cleaning” their home, I like to look at spring cleaning as a way of spring cleaning my entire life. So that means getting organized, getting my life in order and generally getting my mind, body and soul ready for the new season!

You must be wondering what exactly that means, so I’ve put together a few ways that I like to spring clean my life!


Get Organized.

Sounds simple enough, but spring cleaning your entire life really needs proper organization. I don’t necessarily just mean swapping your winter clothes for spring ones and prepping your wardrobe for the season, but I mean really get organized. I begin with a detailed list and calendar of what needs to be taken care of and accomplished in my life, and I start with my goals which includes goals in my career, my home and my finances. I think typical spring cleaning doesn’t touch on the financial “cleaning” but why not? This is the perfect time for me to sit down with a cup of my favourite nespresso and think about what I need for my home, any trips I want to take this year and how I want to improve my money habits!

Let There Be Light.

It may be because I live in a chilly winter climate, I can’t help but crave the spring light. That means warm walks outdoors, picking up beautiful blooms and bringing the light back into my life with my wardrobe. All I know, is that I need more light. With that being said, my spring cleaning always involves bringing more light into my life and of course that means purchasing some gorgeous blooms or greenery for my home. Don’t get me wrong, I pick up flowers religiously for my home, but spring is a special time for me to swap out the cold weather essentials for the bright and airy ones and yes, that definitely means pretty blooms!


Purge & Improve The Closet.

Organizing my closet is one of my favourite parts about spring cleaning. Maybe I just use it as an excuse to purge it all so I can pick up new goodies, but really, it’s just such a soothing feeling to get my closet ready for the next season.

Since the Toronto weather has been so up and down lately, I still keep a few winter essentials around just in case we are hit with a storm, but typically i like to tuck my winter pieces away and clear space for the spring items. I’m also lucky that we have a storage bed, so it is never too far away! Not just clothes, but shoes, bags, hats and accessories are all taken care of during spring cleaning and its the best feeling in the world.

This is is also when I go through the items that I never wore all winter long so I can donate them, and when next winter rolls around, I’m not making space for items I don’t even use. Lastly, I take this opportunity to open up all my spring clothes and accessories and make a list of items that I (believe) I need. Whether I feel like I need to pick up a classic blazer or I’m lacking in comfortable footwear, all this is noted and I’m ready for my next shopping trip!


Clean Up Your Healthy Living.

Guys, this is hard and I’m not even going to front. I battle with my weight here and there but I’ve really been focusing hard on what is going into my body and how to work out properly. Things have gotten so much better for me lately in terms of my confidence, and I really want that to continue, so as hard as it is, I know it will only improve every aspect of my life.

When I think of spring, I think of fresh produce so eating healthier is actually making me feel like spring is coming sooner. I do know that there are things that I simply can’t live without but there are things that I turn away from or I focus on modifying. I know my birthday is coming up and I specifically requested doughnuts, but that just means that leading up to my birthday (which is at the end of the month) I have to be smart.

Speaking of things I can’t live without, I just can’t live without a cup of nespresso every morning. I’ve really become obsessed with the flavours and enjoying one while spring cleaning is getting me through it all! Not only does nespresso taste so freakin’ good, but I now look at it as a reminder to sit back and relax so it is now a tradition that I highly enjoy. With that being said, I either drink it black or with some almond milk and absolutely no sugar!

Clean Your Mind of Negativity.

I know this is hard for everyone, but with a new season approaching, it is a great time to clear your mind, body and soul of any negativity. Whether that be a bad relationship or your own negative thoughts, use this spring cleaning time to realy focus on your mental health. As the flowers and greenery start to grow around you, look at it as a fresh start, and this has really helped me to take the pressure off things.

It’s a fact that the winter can really take a toll on your mental health and well being, so when spring approaches, start the day with a cup of nespresso, positive affirmations, write positive notes in a journal, start (back) at your fitness classes, and spend time with the people who value your worth. Of course this is something I strive to do throughout the year, but it is never too late to be happy, so start now!

While these are simple tips for spring cleaning your life, I promise they will make all the difference when kicking off the new season. Happy Spring!


This post was sponsored by nespresso, however all opinions are my own!
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