Tips to Transform Your Bathroom into a Glam Oasis

Tips to Transform Your Bathroom into a Glam Oasis

Tips to Transform Your Bathroom into a Glam Oasis

Let’s be honest. The bathroom tends to be the woman’s domain. Although men obviously have reason to use the bathroom daily, they don’t seem to relish their time in there quite as much as us ladies, which is why the bathroom is the perfect space to transform into a wonderfully glamorous girlie space.

If you want your bathroom to be your own little slice of heaven, here are some things you can do to make it more glamorous and girlie than ever before:


An Elegant Theme

If you want to ensure that your bathroom looks great, it never hurts to think of a theme before you start renovating. Because you’re looking to create a glamorous space, I would suggest sticking to a theme before you think about colour, decor and even storage!

Freestanding Bath

After indulging in a freestanding bath this past weekend (more of that to come), I have been obsessed with an oversized tub with ornate claw feet which can positively scream glamour, so call in your plumber and have home remove your boring boxed in bath for a more elegant free standing unit. Just think about soaking in the tub with a glass of wine and a tub caddy!


Lovely Lighting

Most people don’t think much about their bathroom lighting. As long as it’s bathroom-safe, they’re happy, but if you want your bathroom to look glamorous and girlie, you need to give your lighting choice more thought. First of all, get on the phone to your local electrician and have him come and install a glass bathroom pendant or chandelier for that old school Hollywood glamour. Then, buy as many candles and glass candle holders as you can find for added decor. Finish off by wrapping fairy lights around your mirror, or investing in a vanity mirror that has its own bulbs. Your bathroom will sparkle and gleam and have a lot more atmosphere once you’ve sorted out the lighting.

Monochrome and Bright Colors

The easiest way to make your bathroom look sophisticated is by sticking to the classic monochrome black and white style, but why not turn it round a bit by using more black than white? Either way, to add that girlie touch, and a bit of Parisian chic, you’re going to want to add bursts of bright, feminine colors, like pinks, reds and yellows. You can do this by adding the occasional bold tile, with candles and other accessories or by creating a feature wall. 


Store Your Products in Baskets

If you’re like me, then you have all manner of lotions and potions in the bathroom. Instead of hiding them away or storing them on shelves, why not bring in some pretty baskets and store them there? They’ll soften the room up, add a touch of shabby chic and if you decorate them with ribbons, they’ll look really pretty and girlie too.

Go for Gold

There’s nothing that screams glamorous and girlie more than gold. So, replace your boring old faucets and mirror frames with gold ones instead. You might also want to go wild with the gold leaf, giving everything that you can gild a nice gold sheen.

Now all that remains is to light a candle, run a bubble bath and relax in your beautiful new space!


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