Trend Alert: The Cropped Flare

Trend Alert: The Cropped Flare 

It’s been some time since I did a “Trend Alert” here on the blog.

So fitting that I wore flares in yesterdays post here, but I suppose this is a prime example that inspiration comes from everywhere and everything! Not only has the 70’s trend come back with a vengeance this year, but so has all the trends we know and love from it – which of course, includes the flare. The cropped flare however, is that awkward length that makes it look like you’re about to have a flood, but the way I’m seeing it styled is totally changing my view on it.

Maybe its my love for culottes that are making this trend a little more attractive to me? Maybe it’s the fact that I love to show off ankles? Or maybe its these looks below that are inspiring me? For now, I’ll keep the inspiration coming and who knows, maybe i’ll pick up a pair and you’ll see it on the blog shortly!

(The second image which is a J.Crew look is the exact  look that made me go – okay, I need these!)

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