Trust Your Inner Confidence With XOXO by Trojan

Trust Your Inner Confidence With XOXO by Trojan

Trust Your Inner Confidence With XOXO by Trojan

While I may be happily in a committed relationship and it has definitely been some time since I’ve been playing the field and dating, I feel like it was only yesterday I was getting dolled up, putting on my favourite LBD and heading out with friends to search for the Mr. Right. And though I may not be the one out on the prowl now, I do get an ear full from my single friends, relaying all the juicy details about dating life.

One thing is for certain however, and that is since exiting the dating playing field, things have changed immensely. Especially with most people involved in online dating and apps like Tinder and Bumble, it seems as though while the end result is to find your perfect match, going through the process of profiles, “likes” and first dates with a complete stranger doesn’t seem to be as easy as one would think.

And once you finally meet that special person, you have to eventually go through that awkward moment when the intimacy intensifies and the questions of protection arises.


Typically as women, we rely on the man to purchase and carry condoms because we’ve all become too comfortable in believing that it was the man’s duty to take on that responsibility, but now more than ever I don’t quite believe that to be so. Luckily, Trojan agrees and is driven to help empower women to feel confident with their sexuality.

Having been in the position myself, I understand how shy or embarrassed women can feel when purchasing or carrying condoms, but the truth is, there is no reason why you shouldn’t trust your inner confidence when it comes to your sexual health. After all, there should be no reason to shy away from taking your sexual health into your own hands and protecting oneself.

While Trojan is helping encourage women to trust themselves, as well as make the right decisions and take on that responsibility. They have also developed the new Trojan XOXO condoms, which have been designed to keep things as chic and discreet as possible.

With its sleek, sophisticated and discreet packaging design, XOXO by Trojan condoms takes the embarrassment out of purchasing condoms and allows women to carry them confidently. The mini travel packaging, which can conveniently fit in your purse or clutch offers can easily go unnoticed so you no longer have to worry if others get a peek at the essentials you are carrying.


Luckily for the ladies, Trojan has also thought about the quality and not just the look. The XOXO Trojan condoms feature thin Softouch latex with aloe-infused lubricant to help you enjoy every bit of your intimate and pleasurable experience!

Whether you are a gal on the dating scene, in a new relationship or in it for the long hall, it’s important to be confident, trust yourself and know that only you can rely on yourself to look after your sexual health. So, be sure to keep XOXO by Trojan condoms on you so that you no longer have to ask “Umm, do you have protection?”

For more information on XOXO Condoms by Trojan please click HERE.


Thank you Trojan for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

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