Update Your Living Space In Five Easy Steps

Update Your Living Space In Five Easy Steps

Update Your Living Space In Five Easy Steps


Go For Neutrals

There’s no better way to update your home than with neutrals. Does that sound boring? Think again. Neutrals are actually the best way to be about to change your home again and again and again – if you have a plain background, with pale walls painted off white, cream or pale grey, then it’s so much easier to add splashes of colour and different styles than it would be if your walls were painted a bolder colour. If you go for largely neutrals it’s a thousand times easier to update the look of the rest of your space quickly and easily.

Invest In Quality Furniture

One of the best fashion tips in the world is that you should invest in good quality classic pieces that will last you a long time – and let’s face it, that applies just as much to your home as it does to your closet. Disposable furniture will go out of style quickly and it simply won’t last that long in your home, especially if you have a rambunctious young family and any pets! It’s better to go for quality and longevity, along with some pieces that you really love. Check out sites like for ideas.


Focus On The Space

When someone says that you should focus on the way that your home flows, what does that actually mean? Essentially you want your space to make sense when you look at it – you want your eye to be drawn to the focal points and not to hesitate on any areas of clutter or disorderly furniture that’s crammed too close together. If you don’t have much space in your home, go for rounded edges rather than sharp corner, and choose pale colours that will blend together well, creating a larger canvas rather than a lot of different disjointed areas. Push the furniture back against the walls if you can – floor space will make it easier for you and your guests to breathe easily.


Update Your Lighting

Nothing makes a home look more out of date than unflattering lighting (you may also have found this regarding your face and figure when you’re in the changing rooms in clothes stores!). If you have white overhead strip lighting, try stand up lights with warm-toned shades that will create a cosy glow. You should also make sure that you open all your curtains regularly – it may show off the dust (groan) but there’s no match for natural sunlight. You might just get your daily dose of Vitamin D too!

Add Some Art

There’s nothing that says more about you than your choice of art – but don’t worry about that for now! Instead, choose what you love and make sure that you don’t overcrowd your space. One piece of eyecatching art in each room is more than enough, whether that’s a bright painting or a sculpture. If you want to display your kids’ artwork then why not frame several pieces together in the hallway to create something that’s going to make you smile every day when you come home from work?


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