Valentine’s Day Nail Tutorial 

 Valentine’s Day Nail Tutorial 

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and as I mentioned here, I will be dedicating my Valentine’s celebration on myself. Sweet treats, jewellery, the spa and more. To help me celebrate and get that much more girly around this time of year, I decided to pretty my nails for the occasion. With just a few of my favourite OPI Canada shades and an afternoon all to myself, I created something flirty, girly but simple!

Shades I Used


This tutorial is incredibly easy, even for gals like me who typically get their nails done rather than DIY-ing it! Start with Tickle Me France-y and apply two coats to the nail. After it dries, use green painters tape and fold a corner in half and cut out half a heart (once unfolded, the tape will have a cut out heart on it). Place heart cut out on your nail as desired and apply a coat of Bastille My Heart & Embarca-Dare Ya which will you give you a shiny deep mauve heart. Finish off with a clear top coat!

It’s that easy. See more of my manicure up close below!


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