Remove Unwanted Hair With Veet Silk & Fresh

Remove Unwanted Hair With Veet Silk & Fresh

Remove Unwanted Hair With Veet Silk & Fresh 


With us well into the summer season, it’s that time of year for your cut-off shorts and playful dresses and of course with that, comes the maintaining of our unwanted body hair. Hello? Bikini season!

However, we can all agree that maintaining unwanted body hair can at times be a hassle and the constant upkeep to return to your favourite salons to wax it can be inconvenient in itself.

That’s why I am always searching for the perfect product that provides long-lasting smooth skin with little effort.

If you’ve followed the blog since it was a wee baby, you know that Girls of T.O has always been a fan of Veet hair removal products, and their latest hair removal creams, with fresh new flower fragrances are now a part of my summer beauty regime.

Available in both regular and in- shower options, the new Silk & Fresh cream lineup works close to the root on short, stubborn hair. Who really has time to wait until the hair gets long anyway?


My favourite feature about the Veet creams is the New Veet formula that hydrates skin for up to 24 hours, and as someone with dry skin, this is huge for me. With ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to keep sensitive skin silky and (my holy grail) Shea Butter, and Lily fragrance to hydrate my dry skin, it’s not only removing my hair, but also caring for it simultaneously. Not to mention the lotus milk & jasmine fragrance in the in- shower version makes me feel like I have applied body wash while removing my unwanted hair.

The new fragrance is also something to note and one they have improved. The Silk & Fresh Fragrance TechnologyTM offers a wonderful smelling cream with fresh flower fragrances, and to be quite honest, I have never been a fan of the cream smell previously, so I love that they have improved and developed a beautiful fragrance.

Now that it’s time for showing a little bit more skin this season, I am devoted to removing unwanted hair with just this easy 3-step process that is both convenient for at home and DIY friendly!

Want to see how easy it is to remove unwanted hair? Take a look at the easy 3-step process in action:


DSC06291 DSC06294 DSC06303

Voila! It’s really so easy and leaves the skin feeling really smooth and smelling fresh!

You can remove unwanted hair in a breeze too with the new Veet Silk & Fresh Lineup for both regular and in-shower use! For more information visit

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