Wedding Registry 101

Wedding Registry 101


There’s a lot to think about for your wedding day so it’s easy for some key details to get lost in the shuffle. Whether it’s regarding your ‘something borrowed’ that you completely forgot about or focusing more on the big day too much to even think about your wedding registry, it’s easy to get carried away with your to-do list. Of course you want what should be the best day of your life to go off without a hitch, so here’s a quick list of little things that are easily forgotten but that will make your wedding a day a dream come to life!

Music Speaks Better Than Words

You must make sure that you spend a little time arranging a playlist for your wedding reception. This is particularly important if you’re not planning to hire a DJ. It will be up to you to make sure that your wedding has some beautiful songs as well as upbeat dancing music for your guests to enjoy. This is one of the best parts of planning the wedding, but it’s also something people often forget about. If you’re stumped, ask friends and family for suggestions on the kind of music they like. 

Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something New

If your superstitious, you might be interested to know that it’s bad luck to forget about these little traditions, but, it’s also something that the wedding couple almost always forgets until the last minute. I suggest you use this opportunity to bring out a few special items that really speak to you and provide some significant mean whether it be a borrowed piece of jewellery from family or a brand new pair of sparkly bridal heels! 

What About The Gifts

You shouldn’t forget to register for gifts on your wedding day. Not only is it the best way to receive the items you really want, but it really helps guests purchase something without feeling stumped! Don’t forget the wedding is a great opportunity to help you build your new home together, so you don’t want to miss out. See the infographic below for a quick lesson on Wedding Registry 101:

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