Why I Shop At GAP

Why I Shop At GAP


If you follow me on the blog or social, then you would see just how much GAP is in my wardrobe. It seems like as of lately, GAP has made an appearance in some way shape or form in every outfit I’ve worn, and I’m not mad at it one bit.

The truth is though that I am obsessed with GAP. I grew up shopping at GAP with my family and remember all of us in our “GAP” sweatshirts and lucky for me being the baby of the family, I inherited a number of different colours from my older sisters. Not only has it been proven to last through the years, but there is something about the brand that just creates classic, yet stylish pieces. I am such a fan of their denim, which you can see in this post, but it’s definitely my go-to when looking for basics and even those not-so-basic basics like this cozy sweater.

Now, I may look like a Yeti, but this sweater has been my favourite purchase as of late, but after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I have no doubt that there will be some pieces coming to my wardrobe very soon!








Jacket + Denim + Turtleneck – GAP / Booties + Bag – Le Chateau / Hat – Forever 21

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