Why The Wedding Meal + Tables Deserve The Attentio...

Why The Wedding Meal + Tables Deserve The Attention

Why The Wedding Meal + Tables Deserve The Attention


So, you have a wedding to plan for? Let the hard work commence!

Planning a wedding means planning every aspect of the day. It’s natural your attention will be on the ceremony itself, the dress and your wedding part of course, but that’s not all that needs to be perfect. In fact, the ceremony itself is the smallest part of your day. More time will be spent eating and partying! If the meal is far from your mind, here are a few things to make sure you take care of!


With the help of your caterer, you should have your meal options picked. Even so, you won’t know how much of each you need until you know what everyone’s having! Confirming your numbers is one of the most important things. Making sure your guests eat is, after all, the primary factor of the meal! You have enough to worry about, without having to chase people for their choice.

Send out a menu with your invitations and state a date by which you need to hear by. Make it clear that, if you haven’t heard by then, they’ll be going without. It may sound harsh, but it’s necessary! If you start making allowances, people might take advantage. With social media, it won’t take them a minute to let you know! As requests roll in, make sure you keep a precise tally of how many of each meal you need. Don’t make your life harder than it needs to be.



As this is the room you’ll be spending most of the day in, this is where you need to get to grips with your decorative flair! The good news is, you’ll have already done the hard work. Be honest; you thought about decoration for the ceremony the moment you got engaged. Match the decoration for your meal with the style you’ve already chosen. Think, too, about things like flowers and table decorations. Do you want flowers on the tables or some other centerpiece? Are you aiming for something simple, or do you want to go all out? Bear in mind that the reception space is likely bigger than the ceremony. Make sure you get the most out of the space you have! This is your chance to create something beautiful.



The wedding meal has many small touches to consider. From what cutlery you opt for, to what wedding napkins you use, it’s important you consider everything. Think about additions you would like on the tables. You could include coloring books for the children, or you could also place a small bundle of sweets for each person. Bear in mind that these extra touches will be more work. It might be worth employing the help of your bridesmaids!

Getting your wedding meal right may not be your priority, but you’ll be glad you took time to do it. You want everything perfect on your big day, don’t you? You won’t be doing it again anytime soon, after all!



Photos courtesy of Paper and Lace.
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