Your Guide To A Blissful Bedroom

Your Guide To A Blissful Bedroom

If you are going to spend a third of your life doing something, then you may as well make it an enjoyable experience! That is the advice from all the Sleeping Beauties in the world. And not only that, you may as well make the one room that you seek sanctuary and safety in, the most sumptuous and relaxing room in the house.

For many of us, especially if you are sharing a house, our bedroom is the one place that you can shut the door on. It is the one place where you have domain. So wherever you are and whatever is going on with life why not take some time to boost your bedroom? Invest some passion and create a space that can provide you with a blissful experience of relaxation, sanctuary and peace. A place to just curl up and do whatever feels right.



That cauldron of ideas needs stirring. It can be a good idea to spend a few hours researching and seeing what is out there. One way is to start with magazines and websites that showcase celebrity bedrooms or designer ideas. It’s not that you want to replicate these; you don’t. Where’s the fun in that? But it will give you an idea of funky and fun things that you could attempt. Often you find that an idea that costs a lot can easily be recreated on a budget or adapted to fit your own room or lifestyle.

Have a think too about the kind of things that you like and enjoy having around you. The wonderful thing about a bedroom makeover in particular is that it doesn’t have to fit the themes or colors of the house. You can be as individual as you want and it doesn’t matter what age you are. If you want a princess suite then you shall have one.


Choose your Style

Perhaps you like the look and feel of a Malibu beach pad. Is city chic and modern contemporary your style? Do you like a retro-colonial look, all ceiling fans and dark Far Eastern mystery? Then there’s a French Chateaux style or how about a classic Art Deco look? There are so many ways and so much to choose from. But before you get carried away with the wonderful worlds that you could create, bear in mind the most important purpose. You want a sanctuary where you can get a good night’s sleep. A room that is too stimulating may be exciting but not necessarily the best choice.

Prepare the Canvas

If you can, make a time frame for your transformation to happen. This is going to range from an afternoon for a very basic makeover and turnaround to a few days if you are spending time decorating. If you are, you will need to clear the room. If this is not possible then use dust sheets and stack everything on one side. Work with one half of the room and then the other. It’s a little more tedious but it can be done and the results will be worth it.

Strip and prepare walls for painting or papering. It can be convenient to forget about the ceiling, but this is the time to tackle it. The good news is that most ceilings simply require a coat of white or neutral paint. If changing your central pendant light is a part of your plan, then remove the existing light and fittings. Make sure that you isolate the fuse box and turn off the power. Changing one light for another is a simple business, so a chandelier light for example can just be installed without any worries. If you are thinking about using downlights, then you will need to have an electrician wire these up for you.


With your walls ready to paint or paper, this is where the fun parts begin. There are so many color combinations out there. Hopefully, you’ll be able to experiment with some test pots and find complementary colours that work for you. Soothing is our byword here, so soft warm colours are going to work better in a bedroom. These can be balanced with lovely earthy neutrals and greys for a more contemporary sleek look. Using a richly textured wallpaper on one wall, for example behind the bed, can make for a distinctive look and feel.


A bedroom is barefoot territory. Give yourself a floor your will feet will love. An existing carpet can be supplemented with a colourful and soft rug. The same applies to floorboards. If revealing these is a part of your plan then you will need to possibly sand and varnish them. This can be quite a messy business, so unless a full on renovation is underway, it might be easier to stick with a soft carpet. Something with a deeper pile might be appropriate and feel that little bit more luxurious.


The Main Event

This is all about the bed. Don’t settle for old or ordinary here. This is the place to spend your time, budget and attention. Get the best bed that you can afford. There is a lot of choice out there and it can be a challenge combining economy with the best technology. A read of the saatva mattress review can give you an idea of what the possibilities are for this important decision. Match your mattress and base and ensure that you also spend some time finding the right pillow for you. You can have a lot of fun choosing bed linen that works with your room’s colors and theme. It can pay to remember that the rich colours of the room can be offset with real quality white and neutral linen. A splash of color on the duvet is a must.

With the bed in place start to introduce your bedroom furniture. Bedside tables are a definite with a good base for reading lamps and storage. Lamps themselves are a vital part of your look. They add a whole different dimension to your room and play a big role in creating mood.

Give some thought to your dressing table and desk area. This will depend on your needs and priorities. Whatever look you are going for, try and avoid clutter. Utilise as much storage space as you can.

Finish your blissful bedroom off with some artwork or a photograph centrepiece. Make it something that you enjoy looking at and will be happy to wake up to! Add your personal touches and small flourishes that will reinforce your theme. Finally, kick off your shoes and throw yourself back on your bed. Life is just about to become blissfully better, and this is the bedroom that can make that happen.

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