Your Guide To Organizing A Beach Vacation With Fri...

Your Guide To Organizing A Beach Vacation With Friends

Your Guide To Organizing A Beach Vacation With Friends

Even though  it’s currently Labour Day weekend and the Summer might be drawing to a close, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t plan an awesome beach trip for you and friends. Most hot vacation spots, Spain, Egypt, and The Caribbean included, still have weeks, if not months, of sunshine to come. If you fancy planning a beach break with the girls, you have come to the right place. Here we have put together a guide to everything that you need to know about planning an awesome beach trip for you and your friends.



Choose the destination together

As you are planning a group trip, you need to decide where you are going as a group. That’s the only fair way to go about it, as otherwise, someone might end up feeling left out or ignored. Get everyone together, discuss budgets, and then research destinations that are affordable.

If money is tight, taking a trip to Greece is a good option, as holidays are cheap there at the moment. Or, if the flights are too pricey, you could consider going somewhere a little closer to home.

As you are planning a beach break, it’s crucial that you choose somewhere with amazing beaches. To get an idea of the most exotic beach destinations, visit You will find an article detailing all of the world’s most impressive beaches, on here.

Don’t go for longer than a week

You might love your friends, but unless you are roommates, you won’t be used to spending 24 hours a day with them. Those cute little habits they have, are nowhere near as cute when you are spending all of your time together.

To prevent arguments breaking out while you are away, it’s a good idea to limit your trip to no longer than seven nights. Trust us on this, a week of living with your friends will be more than enough.


Don’t forget the essentials

If you want to ensure that your beach trip is a success, don’t forget the essentials. A beach towel, sun hat, your fave sunscreen, a good book, and your tablet, are all must-haves.

If you are staying in a location that has weever fish, don’t forget the beach shoes. There is nothing worse than getting one of them in your foot – the pain will ruin your whole trip.

Save money by opting for self-catered accommodation

By choosing to stay in a self-catered villa or holiday cottage, you can save yourselves a huge amount of money. Not only do villas work out cheaper than hotel rooms when there is a big group of you, but you are also able to do your own cooking.

Obviously, you have to eat out once or twice to try the local cuisine, but the rest of the time you can cook your own food. If you are lucky enough to have your own pool, you could even have a poolside BBQ complete with DIY cocktails. How awesome would that be?


Not a fan of getting sand stuck to your skin? Make sure to pack a large tub of baby powder – this stuff is awesome for getting those last few grains of sand off.

Want to plan an amazing group beach trip? All you need to do is follow our fantastic tips, and you’ll have the best time.

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