You’re Getting Married! But, Where?

You’re Getting Married! But, Where?

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Getting married is easily one of the most important days of your life.  Not only are you committing to spend the rest of your days with one person, but you are both taking on a whole new challenge together.  It may seem like just another legal document when you look at it in black and white, but marriage seems to change everything.  After all, being a wife or husband comes with an even bigger responsibility than being a boyfriend or girlfriend.

One of the first challenges you are going to meet is deciding on how to celebrate your big day.  No doubt your family and friends will have tried to give you a million ideas, and you may already have had people letting you know what days not to hold it on, because they are away.  It’s also not uncommon for parents to get busy and start trying to ‘help’ you organise.  

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The Day Is Yours

One thing you need to remember, above everything, is that this day is yours.  Of course our families are important and you will need their support over the next few years as you grow into the marriage, but the ceremony should be about the two of you, not based around how far people can travel or your distant aunties religion or old wedding dress.

Family’s tend to love tradition, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise your dream wedding to accommodate their feelings.  So you need to sit down and really discuss this with your fiancé. Providing the two of you agree, then the rest shouldn’t matter.

Is No Family An Option?

Some people opt for a ceremony without any family and instead, choose just a couple of witnesses to share in the special moment.  Whilst this does come with pitfalls, it could also be a good way of saving you a fortune, meaning you could spend a little more and buy that Caroline Bramley bridesmaid dress you have lusted after.  Or you could travel a little further afield and get married somewhere really exotic.  Just bear in mind that you may offend some of your family in choosing to go it alone.  Especially the older members.  

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Go Live or Go Big

To take the sting out of the tail you could create a live feed wedding.  With the technology we have around us today, you could stream the ceremony to all your friends and relatives back at home.  Perhaps they could hold a party for you and celebrate on your behalf.

Of course the opposite to this idea is to merge the ceremony and the honeymoon.  Invite all your friends and family to jump on a plane with you and head out for the ultimate 3 week break.  Perhaps holding your ceremony 4 days in, then your guests and family all leaving at the end of the first week, giving you two weeks to enjoy your honeymoon.  This can be expensive and not all your friends will be able to afford it, so you need to ensure it is what you want.

Whatever you do, make it about you.  Have fun and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.  Together!

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