5 Ways to Get Use Out of Your #LGStyler

5 Ways to Get Use Out of Your #LGStyler

5 Ways to Get Use Out of Your #LGStyler

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In my last post about my experience with the amazing LG Styler, I shared the many benefits and features that the Styler provides, proving to be my go-to staple that helps keep my clothes fresh and looking new. After using the device for several weeks, I have fallen head over heels in love with the Styler and have found so many useful ways to use the product that I just had to share with you guys!

Sanitizes, freshens and presses – that’s just the beginning!

Last Minute Plans

Over the last few weeks, the instances when I have used the LG Styler the most is for last minute plans. As someone who wears casual to business-casual items on the daily, I have those dressier items that are sitting in my closet for some time, so when a special occasion arises, the LG Styler seriously comes in handy.

The Styler is also amazing for rushed mornings. All you have to do is simply place a few items inside the Styler and hit the 20-minute cycle setting while you begin your day!

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Stinky Shoes NO More

We are human. Sometimes, shoes just smell, and with the warm weather, there is no denying that our shoes and feet are prone to smelling a little stronger in the heat, so I’ve loved how easy it is to sanitize and refresh my footwear either overnight or even in the morning as I sip on my morning coffee. The versatile rack is also a major added benefit. It offers the ability to place the rack inside for runners or folded items then remove when hanging longer clothing pieces like dresses and coats.

My loafers have been the most popular shoe item that I place in the Styler along with my workout sneakers, so now I never have to worry about applying any products to curb the smell. The Styler’s TrueSteam technology also makes it possible to steam and freshen your items chemical free. And without any worry of shrinkage or damage.

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Spring Cleaning

Luckily, I received the Styler when Spring began, so I was already in the process of switching my wardrobe from Winter to Spring when it arrived. This was the perfect opportunity to give my winter items a refresher before packing them away for the season and also place some of my go-to Spring items inside to sanitize them and remove the wrinkles after they have been put away for months.

Freshen Denim

I’m sure you have heard it before, but some people like to put denim in the freezer to get rid of the musty odour when worn countless times. While denim can be a tricky item to wash since you don’t want to lose the shape but need to freshen the smell, I found how much I love placing my denim inside the LG Styler. Known to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, the Styler is the perfect way to get your denim looking and feeling new again!

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Bedding & Linens

One of my pet peeves (as silly as it sounds) is wrinkled linen and bed sheets. Even the most beautiful bedding can look cheap when it’s wrinkled, so since I recently picked up new bedding, I wanted to give it a shot inside the LG Styler.
What I love is that the Styler doesn’t have to just be limited to clothing and shoes, but it can be used for so much more in your home as well. My favourite home linens for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom can now have a longer life and look like new by just giving them a run inside the LG Styler.

Interested in trying out the LG Styler for yourself? Visit my full review on the blog here, and visit for more information on what the Styler can do!

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